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Comment by elpasotexasseo
about Skype · Jun 2017 ·

I love Skype but I think the FaceTime app is just a bit easier to use. Would definitely use Skype for more business oriented meetings though.


Skype App

Comment by michaelangelo1980
about Skype · May 2017 ·

The number 1 video call app that most business man did.


What a shame...

about Skype · ·

... that people only go for convenience. It's understandable but still sad. People will learn that their privacy needs to be protected but it will take time obviously.


good video calling app

about Skype · ·

everyone in my family and friends use skype. its gives a good connectivity, acceptable quality, and it is easy to find people. We can also chat in skype with those cool stcikers and GIFs


not so good

Comment by alanwong
about Skype and Facebook Messenger, Imo · Nov 2016 ·

Video calling from Skype consumes A LOT of data compared to Imo or facebook Messenger, and the video quality is also not so convincing seeing the data usage. also, it is a very large application


Skype sucks!

about Skype and Discord · ·

Skype is horribly bad... It is slow and laggy, the mobile app is horrible, and takes up a lot of space. I uninstalled it from my pc, just to find out the uninstaller had left over 150 MB of Skype trash! The only benefit with Skype is that many people use it... Let's change that, let's switch to Discord! Discord is like a 100 times better, and it's still in beta!


No more Skype and MS stuff

about Skype · ·

I dont want to send my private information to MS servers. Its none of their business.

Telegram, Wire and other open sources should be more used. MS Marketing destroyed Skype philosophy, but its not surprising. They are escaping paying taxes with their own country, the Usa, with Europe (Luxembourg, Ireland), through Bermudas Islands, so there is nothing to expect from them.
Hopefully D.Trump will understand that and make them pay taxes where they make profit.



Comment by marycosme4
about Skype · Aug 2016 · 1 Helpful

i think skype was left behind, hangout and facetime are now much better and work faster.


not the best

Comment by sophiaschuler600
about Skype · Aug 2016 ·

there are better apps for videochat and contacting someone from other country... i think skype needs to improve several things... Hangout or facetime works much better that skype.

Yeah, I agree. I like Hangouts myself, haven't tried Facetime yet. I think the thing that keeps Skype alive is it's established user base. Lots of people have gotten so accustomed to it, it's tough for them to move away.


not for me

about Skype and Hangouts · ·

i prefer using hangout, it works better for me, skype takes way to long to load and it barely works.

And i preffer Facetime. Hangout is good but Facetime is best .
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skype x...

Comment by dudu_brz
about Skype · May 2016 ·

I don't know if my question is for this moment.
I can send email hotmail to yahoo, gmail, etc And I get email from them and others.
Why I can't talk with friends don't use the messenger I use?
If I'm using Telegram I cant' exchange messages wiht someone using Viber.
Why not?

Hi @dudu_brz,

Sorry no one caught this question til now. This is actually something imposed by the app and the app's developers. Email typically uses a protocol that's shared across email apps. But messaging doesn't have a single protocol like that, it depends on how the developers implement it.

There are apps like:
Small Franz iconFranz
Small Pidgin iconPidgin

They work across multiple protocols and services. However, your friends would still need the specific messaging app/protocol you use to send the message.

Hope that makes sense/helps. Have a great day. :)

Best regards,


don't like it

Comment by sebastiandowny
about Skype · May 2016 ·

i don't really like it anymore, i think it is too slow.

That's exactly my issue with it, though oddly enough, it always worked super fast for me in Linux desktops. It's only on Windows it was slow and cumbersome for me. Plus, the Windows version showed ads whereas the Linux version didn't. Not sure if it's still the same in current versions, but was definitely odd.

Oh, and actually, the Android version worked fine for me as well. Just as fast as the Linux version from my testing.



about Skype · ·

It is a good helper in the work . When there is no time to go away from the workplace, you can use Skype and solve all the problems and calls directly during operation.

I completely agree!


I like it!

about Skype · ·

One of the best instant messengers in the world. No complete analogy .