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Its NOW Open Source

about Wire · · 5 Helpful

Wire released its server code!


Wire liberara el codigo del servidor

Comment by desmont
about Wire · Mar 2017 ·

Open source and respectful of privacy

about Wire · ·

We all must promote Wire. This is our future. Many others are spying on us and are collecting metadata, big data etc. Is it the world we want to live in?

Not open source boi

If it is not open source, you must contact Wikipedia to correct it: "Wire Swiss GmbH released the source code of the Wire client applications under the GPLv3 license in July 2016"

This is true, the client is opensource.
But the server not!

Yes, you are right, the servers are proprietary. But in the end, I tend to trust more Wire Swiss Gmbh than big business Skype owned by Microsoft, who is collecting our personal data every day, hour, minute.

What about riot and others?

Matrix is owned by British, end-to-end encryption is good, but they still enforce their shit laws when it comes to public chats. Has a long way to go.


Its NOT Opensource

about Wire · · -1 Helpful

This app only has an open source client.

If this is open source becouse a small part of it is, then Teamspeak, Telegram, discort and others are open source too.

Please correct this mistake

I've done it


Sharing contacts, to notify those using WIRE seems an option

Comment by Pascal_KOTTE
about Wire · Sep 2016 · 1 Helpful

That is nice the option to "share" my contacts with Wire to allow them to notify others Wire users my contacts from, but, why "on" by default and not asking before?

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