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Telegram Comments

Not Open-Source

Negative Comment by AlternativeToCheese
about Telegram May 2017

According to EFF - Telegram is NOT open-source as stated.


Security no longer matters 3 Helpful

Comment by CrimsonAngel253
about Telegram Apr 2017

Just so everyone is aware, security and encryption on any mobile device don't matter anymore. WikiLeaks released info that the CIA and NSA have had the ability to compromise almost any mobile device with or w/o root access and intercept keystrokes, screen display data, and anything else they want before whatever you send is encrypted and sent.

I'm not saying don't use it! By George, always make it harder for anyone to intercept your data! I'm just saying don't feel like you're so secure in your shell when the big guys have had hidden devices inside all along.

And as always, take everything you read with a grain of salt. Do your own research.


Positive 2 Helpful

Positive Comment by nintendogo
about Telegram Apr 2016

Excellent messenger for those who always want to be in touch .


Finally a secure alternative 2 Helpful

Positive Comment by twentysecondssj
about Telegram and WhatsApp Messenger Mar 2016

Great app, although a little confusing to start using at first. Was looking for a replacement to another messaging app that wasn't private enough (don't trust anything owned by Facebook anymore) and this one seemed quite popular and safe. End-to-end encryption, self-destruct timers and most importantly, their secret chats that cannot be accessed on the cloud are great.


Open Source kind of confusing 3 Helpful

Negative Comment by Johannski
about Telegram May 2015

While the client itself is open source, there are a lot of parts of telegram that aren't. It is not possible to look through the whole process of one client writing another. I think to make that problem more clear telegram should actually be put in the category Free and not open source.


This software is free software (as in freedom)

Comment by Raposo
about Telegram Jun 2014