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P2P = awesome

Positive Comment by lnostdal
about Tox Apr 2017

I'm finding more and more that anything that's not Open Source and 100% P2P will be a waste of your time. No one wants to deal with the hassle of managing or depending on some server in order to chat and so on anymore.


Its OK

Comment by cycroenerugi
about Tox Jun 2016

Installation is hard with qTox -->Linux
uTox is ok


Another program that supports Tox is already in the website

Comment by vectorspin
about Tox Jun 2016

Small Isotoxin iconIsotoxin

Additionally, Tox is a protocol. The programs that work with it aren't front-ends. IsoToxin for example has Jabber support and Miranda IM isn't a Tox client but there's a plugin that lets you.


Looks Promising

Positive Comment by nonobvious
about Tox May 2015

The ideas they mentioned they're trying to implement are quite good :)


Need a better contact discovery

Positive Comment by hadi
about Tox Mar 2015

Probably with combination of username and/or shorter id/pin like blackberry pin. with that freakin' long id, its hard for it to get mass adoption.


Still Better than Skype

Positive Comment by tomgoldman
about Tox Jul 2014

Although its Alpha software, it already works better than Skype