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The most underrated music player ever!

Positive Comment by nguyentung
about MusicBee Mar 2017

Rich customization
Offer everything a music player needs even SoundCloud and postcard


It's FreeWare but not Free

Comment by Pr4xis
about MusicBee Feb 2016

Really nice software but it's not free (not cost, but not source), on the official site ( ) we can see "Freeware for personal use" and i can't found the source or a licence.


Underdog Music Player 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by dankijote
about MusicBee Mar 2015

I was trying music management software from top to bottom. Foobar, itunes, winamp, etc. MusicBee was 6 or 7th position. The first ones disappointed me for one reason or another. And my last chance was this one MusicBee. I was not expecting very much. And what a surprise! This player is amazing! It has a lot of features and it a lot of settings... It is an amazing piece of software. It is light and works perfectly. I am in love with it. Give it a chance!


one of the thing i love to see on my linux

Positive Comment by jemay742
about MusicBee Dec 2012

truly love this am using it for almost three years


Brilliant music player!

Positive Comment by Apaosha
about MusicBee Dec 2012

Simply the best music player out there. I love it!



Positive Comment by User5183412
about MusicBee Jul 2012

MusicBee is the only free music player that has built-in lyrics display (timestamped and non-timestamped), individual volume setting for individual songs and other customizable features.

It is simply the best in the free music player world.


My favourite player 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by Nekocandii
about MusicBee Jan 2012

I've tried multiple music players and this one is my favourite. I adore the interface as well as the integration. Not having to download the actual program is a huge plus.

The auto-dj function has to be my favourite though. It's very accurate and allows me to listen to music that I don't have in my library. Great way to find new artists.

It's full of features and a definite recommendation.


I'm sold...

Positive Comment by TDL
about MusicBee Jan 2012

I am an audio podcast fan and tested Mediamonkey and Helium as free versions to see how they manage podcasts.

Helium has a very simple if not rachitic podcast functionality. Mediamonkey is very good but i sincerely hate Delphi coded apps and their clunky GUIs.

The biggest problem was : i'm french and these apps have problems with accented characters (replaced by symbols).

I tried MusicBee thanks to the enthusiastic comments here and wow, not only MusicBee is able to deal with these accented characters but the podcast functionality is also very complete. The program is able to retrieve episodes with their entire tags. It is the only one which detected the "genre" of my podcasts (news, social and so on).

MusicBee can also detect episodes you already have on your hard drive and put them in a tree called "unknown subscription". You can move them to one of your feeds by a simple "right click -> move podcast to". It is very convenient if you have archived episodes of a same feed which were downloaded by another app like iTunes or whatever.

Concerning the whole program iself, i don't think you can find a better option in the freeware league it even surpasses paid apps in certain aspects.

The tagging capabilities are legion, it is skinnable, it supports radio stations and podcasts. I recommend it.

It is what Songbird should have been in a sense.

PS : the user Pr1me said earlier that he didn't like the logo and the splash screen. Splash screen can be disabled in the options and the logo icon can be changed.


I used it for some time, but now i found out how much you c ...

Comment by RRRicardo
about MusicBee Jun 2011

I used it for some time, but now i found out how much you can do with the interface, really great program!


Add me as another MusicBee enthusiast. Lots of feature, goo ...

Comment by mcevoli
about MusicBee Jun 2011

Add me as another MusicBee enthusiast. Lots of feature, good usability, A+.


All this alternatives listed here are not alternatives to M ...

Comment by stassh
about MusicBee Jun 2011

All this alternatives listed here are not alternatives to MusicBee.
MusicBee doesn't have alternatives.


I was sold with this media player thanks to the built in La ...

Comment by pndragon
about MusicBee Jun 2011

I was sold with this media player thanks to the built in Last.FM integration that helps me finally break free of the dependance on stand-alone players for music stats such as play count, favorites, etc. This means that I can, at any time, start from scratch with my media player or library location (due to pc re-build, or a catastrophic recovery etc.) and continue where I left off with all my play counts.

Unfortunately for me, its taken me over 9 years to find a product like this. Media monkey came close but was never reliable. I highly commend the authors of this program for building a light, effecient, yet feature loaded program. In that time, I have lost thousands of play counts and other stats... this is what I've been waiting for.

Pros: Syncs with Last.FM, built in automatic lyrics search, auto playlist generator.


This is an incredible music player. It is much better than ...

Comment by Hondoe50
about MusicBee Jun 2011

This is an incredible music player. It is much better than iTunes and keeps getting better every month with more functionality.

By now, it is very polished and bug-free and really worth exploring.


Really great media player, replaced my iTunes (bloatware) a ...

Comment by Pablo_Mendoza
about MusicBee Jun 2011

Really great media player, replaced my iTunes (bloatware) and even has more functionalities.