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Android remote control

Positive Comment by ludents
about Clementine May 2017

You can control the player via your Android phone. Get it on Google's [play store]( ).


Excelent 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by etaglibash
about Clementine Sep 2016

Much faster than iTunes and Amarok. Excelent translation to spanish. Very fast, very easy.
I'm never coming back.


The best! 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by ericbakker
about Clementine Aug 2016

I use Clementine now a couple of years and it´s clever with advanced simplicity. I love Clementine's.

[Edited by ericbakker, August 30]


Peripheral transfer unavailable on windows

Negative Comment by nuarealta
about Clementine Jun 2016

Pretty much everything is said in the title.

I want an alternative to iTunes that doesn't suck balls, I hoped this could be it.


About Clementine 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by KassioAlexandre
about Clementine Sep 2013

The best player for Linux!


Good Music Player/Library Player 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by impossible
about Clementine Aug 2013

I prefer this to iTunes which is slow as ever. I think its great. It just needs a better interface and or more customizable options. I can Sync my devices


Smart player 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by DoctorRu
about Clementine Aug 2013

I tried some audio players like:

Audacious (too basic),
Gmusicbrowser (most non-sense layouts ever!)
Amarok (I Can't remember why, but I don't like) I found Clementine, a very Smart player, :

Layout: Very smart!
Library: smart way to add and remove itens, rescan...
Effects: nice sound rain effect
Info: Artist biography (wiki) + similiar artists + artist tags (music genres) + song lyric
Ready to go with: Last FM, Google drive and more.

So far the best audio player.


I like this application for the Grooveshark,, GDrive, and iPod integration 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by JmactheAttack
about Clementine Dec 2012

This moderately lightweight app has everything you would need from a desktop music player without all the hassle of extreme tweaking (i.e. Foobar2000). It integrates my library very well, along with my music collection on my iPod.


Nice for Linux i bet 1 Helpful

Comment by TDL
about Clementine Oct 2012

I would definitely use this if i was using a Linux distribution like LinuxMint as my main OS but on Windows, we have Musicbee which takes way less ram and has the best Podcast support i've ever seen, especially because it collects every tag available for each episode. I tried with Clementine and ended with a podcast file without any info in the tags. Clementine also strips any accented character when i download an episode.

On the ram consumption, Clementine takes 122 MB after launch here, without even a file in the library. Musicbee takes 57 MB with my full collection loaded (14000 files).

Other than that it's a very good player and a multiplatform one, contrary to Musicbee.


Bug with Nvidia cards

Comment by manwithcake
about Clementine Dec 2011

This is my preferred Audio organizer/player on Linux. Unfortunately, there is some kind of bug in the code that causes it to amp up to 100% cpu usage when it is closed when using an Nvidia graphics card. I know, weird, but it's been present through several Nvidia driver updates and has caused me to use Guayadeque as a replacement on my main box. Shame, I really like Clementine, but issuing a killall command everytime I shut the thing down is a pita.

Edit: Thankfully the developers fixed this bug and I'm back to using Clementine, at least on a part-time basis. Unfortunately for them, in the interim I had an opportunity to test several other clients and have gotten accustomed to Guayadeque and Gmusicbrowser, especially the incredibly high level of customization available to the latter, so Clementine has more or less taken a back seat.


This is the best sounding MP3 player for Windows I have fou ...

Comment by Markb
about Clementine Jun 2011

This is the best sounding MP3 player for Windows I have found. A little background - I was happy playing my mp3's on Windows until a gave Ubuntu a go on a spare partition on my PC. I used the default mp3 player on it (Banshee) on was surprised at how better the music sounded - more clarity,depth, spatiality. On going back to Windows I tried just about every other MP3 player but they all sounded similar and a little dull compared to Linux even when using WASAPI sound. I thought that maybe it was because it used different soundcard drivers on each OS but then I found this player which uses the same GStreamer library from Linux on Windows and it now sounds as good. So it must be the GStreamer library produces better quality.


Great, lightweight and fast music player on OSX with many f ...

Comment by Flashget
about Clementine Jun 2011

Great, lightweight and fast music player on OSX with many features. Forget bloated iTunes!
Player is actively developed.


My new Amarok 1.4 :DWorks great on all my platforms!Give it ...

Comment by dxdev
about Clementine Jun 2011

My new Amarok 1.4 :D

Works great on all my platforms!

Give it a try


Good interface, nice features, but the performance is kinda ...

Comment by melvinkooi
about Clementine Jun 2011

Good interface, nice features, but the performance is kinda bad.