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Winamp Comments

Not recommended

Negative Comment by Shojimeguro
about Winamp Feb 2017

AIMP is better alternative


Arabic Language

Comment by SherifAyad66
about Winamp Nov 2016

Winamp is a very good media player but it lacks Arabic Language


Not discontinued

Comment by Pierre_
about Winamp Nov 2016

Winamp is not discontinued and developments are still in progress : [ ]( )



Positive Comment by danielustimes
about Winamp Jun 2016

It Really Whips the Llama's Ass


Winamp and Linux systems

Comment by LisaGordon
about Winamp Oct 2015

I also love Winamp application since 2001. I recommend using native application for Linux systems. Look it
Anyway Windows Winamp and WINE works too.

OR you can use XMMS is basically a port of WinAmp that runs on linux/unix. Looks almost exactly the same, runs the same, and can use the same types of files.


Listening to old console music

Comment by realnabarl
about Winamp and Chipamp, AIMP, MediaMonkey Jul 2015

For listening those old console music, nothing can be better than Winamp plugins. But many people don't like Winamp's interface, so we need some players that support Winamp plugins, and I found 4 popular ones!

MediaMonkey is a very modern player, it supports Winamp plugins very well.
XMPlay supports well too.
AIMP may be the most handy player nowadays, but the newer versions seem to give up the support of Winamp plugins, but version 3.55 is just OK for that.
Musicbee supports, but not good, some plugin will crash the application.


Many hours spent watching the pc screen...

Positive Comment by cristoforomione
about Winamp Jun 2015

playing with winamp visualization in a dark room!


Winamp is the Greatest!

Positive Comment by PeterSavin
about Winamp Aug 2014

Simply the greatest. Nothing else will ever come close.


Left Foobar2000 and iTunes

Positive Comment by Satuim
about Winamp Apr 2014

Winamp as everything I need plus more.
And I have found no replacement worthy.



Comment by ass
about Winamp Apr 2014

it is abandoned & discontinued. please hide it from alternatives.


Save Winamp

Comment by Danilo_Venom
about Winamp Dec 2013

There are still a lot of Winamp lovers out there.

If you are interested, there's a [petition]( ) made by []( ) to convince AOL to keep Winamp alive or to open the source code.


Very sad about it leaving

Positive Comment by Satuim
about Winamp Dec 2013

It is a really good program. I'm using it right now.
There are rumours that Microsoft are picking it up. I hope that this is true and they can use Winamp to fix their horrid Media Player.


Great media player, handy docking functionality.

Positive Comment by BjornR
about Winamp Nov 2011

Winamp has been my favourite audio player for years and it still is only because it can be docked.
Furthermore it seems to play everything.

No toolbars or other crap if you UNCHECK those options during install !