Alternatives to foobar2000 for all platforms with any license

  • Winamp icon


    Winamp is a media player for Windows and OS X developed by Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev by their company Nullsoft, which they...

    Freemium Mac Windows Android

  • Clementine icon


    Clementine is a cross-platform free and open source music player and library organizer. It is a port of...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD

  • AIMP icon


    Freeware Winamp-like media player, based on BASS audio library with support for large number of formats and playlists. It works with...

    Free Windows Android

  • iTunes icon


    iTunes is the best way to organize and enjoy the music, movies, and TV shows you already have — and shop for the ones you want to get....

    Free Mac Windows iPhone iPad

    • There is no FLAC and any other convenient lossless formats, except ALAC.
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    • Foobar is highly configurable, iTunes is just a store frontend with an iPod sync, without customization
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  • MusicBee icon


    Manage your music as a library, as playlists or as folders on the file-system. Organize, browse and find music on your computer, on...

    Free Personal Windows

  • MediaMonkey icon


    MediaMonkey is a music player and a music library manager with support for 50,000+ files and many features for organizing, tagging...

    Freemium Windows Android Windows RT

  • Audacious icon


    Audacious is an advanced audio player. It is free, lightweight, based on GTK+, runs on Linux and many other *nix platforms and is...

    Open Source Windows Linux BSD Xfce

  • Amarok icon


    Amarok is a powerful music player for Linux, Unix and Windows with an intuitive interface. It makes playing the music you love and...

    Open Source Windows Linux BSD

    • Meant for power users. Has global shortcuts, replay gain and a ton of features.
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  • Rhythmbox icon


    Rhythmbox is an audio player for Linux that plays and organizes digital music. Inspired by Apple's...

    Open Source Linux BSD

  • Banshee icon

    Banshee Discontinued

    Play your music and videos. Stay entertained and up to date with podcasts and video podcasts. Discover new music with...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD

  • Tomahawk icon


    Tomahawk gives you to access to all of your favorite music in one powerful media player. Seamlessly jump from playing a song off your...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android

  • DeaDBeeF icon


    DeaDBeeF is a lightweight graphical music player created for easy playback of music and management of playlists. It supports major...

    Open Source Linux Android BSD Xfce

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  • Quod Libet icon

    Quod Libet

    A extensible Music player with Podcast support, web radio, playlists and many more. As it is written in Python, writing new plug-ins...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Debian Xfce

  • Vox Music Player icon

    Vox Music Player

    All-in-one music player with SoundCloud, Youtube, LAST.FM and the unlimited cloud storage integration for Mac and iPhone.

    Freemium Mac iPhone Apple Watch

  • XMPlay icon


    A tiny and portable audio player. With a size of about 280 KiB it plays OGG, MP3, audio CDs, WMA and several less used formats like...

    Free Windows

  • Nightingale icon


    Nightingale is a free and powerfull music player for Linux, Windows and Mac based on the Songbird media player source code. A...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • aTunes icon

    aTunes Discontinued

    aTunes is a full-featured audio player and manager, developed in Java programming language, so it can be executed on different...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Exaile icon


    Exaile is a music manager and player for GTK+ written in Python. It incorporates automatic fetching of album art, handling of large...

    Open Source Windows Linux BSD Xfce

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  • gmusicbrowser icon


    An open-source jukebox for large collections of mp3/ Vorbis / FLAC / mpc/ape files, written in perl. Its made with big (>...

    Open Source Linux

  • 1by1 icon


    1by1 is a small, fast and handy audio player which is not only small: it provides a smart and versatile environment to handle your...

    Free Windows Linux Android

  • Foobnix icon


    Foobnix audio player for Linux, Windows and Android. Main features player Support for CUE (also wv, iso.wv) is the best under...

    Open Source Windows Linux Android Xfce

  • Winyl icon


    Winyl is a free digital audio player and music library application for organizing and playing audio on Windows. Winyl offers great...

    Free Windows

  • Harmony Music Player icon

    Harmony Music Player

    Music player with sleek interface & cloud compatibility. Features: • Play tracks from SoundCloud, Google Play Music, Spotify...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Zune Software icon

    Zune Software Discontinued

    Zune Software is a full media player application with a library, an interface to the Zune Marketplace, and as a media streaming...

    Free Windows Windows RT Windows Phone

  • Guayadeque icon


    Guayadeque is a music management program designed for all music enthusiasts. It is Full Featured Linux media player that can easily...

    Open Source Linux

  • Noise icon


    The official elementary OS music player. Noise is a fast and beautiful GTK3 audio player with a focus on music and libraries. It...

    Open Source Linux

  • Quintessential Media Player icon

    Quintessential Media Player

    Quintessential Media Player is a feature rich media player for Microsoft Windows. It supports all popular audio formats including MP3...

    Free Windows

  • Helium Music Manager icon

    Helium Music Manager

    You can take control of your music collection. Stop spending time looking for files on your computer or hunting through CDs, vinyl...

    Freemium Windows iPhone

  • Wondershare Player icon

    Wondershare Player Discontinued

    Wondershare Player is an all-in-one Video Player & Video Discovery to "Discover latest videos to watch online &...

    Free Mac Windows Android Android Tablet

  • Swinsian icon


    Swinsian is a simple music player dedicated to managing music, without the complexity of ebooks, apps, online stores, T.V. shows and...

    Commercial Mac

  • MOC icon


    MOC (music on console) is a console audio player for LINUX/UNIX designed to be powerful and easy to use. You just need to select a...

    Open Source Linux Xfce

  • C* Music Player icon

    C* Music Player

    cmus is a small, fast and powerful console music player for Linux and *BSD. Input/Output Plugins Input: Ogg/Vorbis, MP3, FLAC...

    Open Source Linux BSD

  • JRiver Media Center icon

    JRiver Media Center

    JRiver Media Center is a multimedia application that allows the user to play and organize various types of media on a computer running...

    Commercial Mac Windows

  • Eina icon


    Your music belongs to you Current music players are focused on managing your music collection, while using mandatory criteria about...

    Open Source Mac Linux

foobar2000 Comments

Install the ColumnsUI component otherwise the UI is awful

Positive Comment by charlesgoodwin
about foobar2000 Aug 2016

ColumnsUI is available here:

I only found out about this more or less by chance - frustration at the awful UI so browsing the extra components list - but really this should be the default UI.


Very good

Comment by chachu23
about foobar2000 Aug 2015

It's a very good player....... it's almost what i was looking for.... i really like it, it's so customizable, i just want a notification system to next update xD


great software

Positive Comment by dontreallycare
about foobar2000 Oct 2013

If you want to make sure your flac's are real this program works. You can open the spectrogram full screen. You can change the colors. And everything. I just realized everything I'm typing is useless and it's late. actually early. like 4 AM. course I didn't wake up until 4PM.

I'm going to try to sleep.

foobar is cool.

This disposable account on a site I've never visited before will self destruct when you finish reading this.


Good Converter

Positive Comment by impossible
about foobar2000 Aug 2013

I use this to convert my Flac. files to Mp3. It works as a player as well but I use VLC for that


for converting m4b

Positive Comment by mandrael
about foobar2000 Apr 2013

Converting Audiobooks m4b:

Alternative: xrecode;
converts m4b to one mp3/chapter


Why all the hype?

Negative Comment by LukaD
about foobar2000 and Aqualung Jul 2012

I seriously don't get it. It's closed source and it runs on Windows only.
Sure, it does a good job playing music and is heavily customizable but that doesn't make your music files sound any better...

I'd rather use something more simplistic like Aqualung.


Searched in vain to find a worthy replacement

Positive Comment by curt
about foobar2000 Dec 2011

I've been using Foobar2000 for a few years now, but unfortunately the lack of a Linux version led me to search for an alternative player that would work in Window & Linux. I can't find anything to match it. There are so many features of Foobar that I miss in other players: stable sorting, custom fields (codec, BPM, anything), replay gain, file operations, and so on. Admittedly Foobar isn't perfect out-of-the-box, but for anyone prepared to invest a bit of time setting up their ideal music player environment, Foobar2000 beats them all. (Plus, it isn't trying to be an iTunes clone!)


Good player, but...

Comment by RkG
about foobar2000 and Music Player Daemon Oct 2011

nothing beats the low memory footprint and versatility of MPD. And now it runs in Windows too!


Far and away the best audio player/music library organizer ...

Comment by SaltyMarshmellow
about foobar2000 Jun 2011

Far and away the best audio player/music library organizer out there. I have yet to find an audio format that was not supported natively or by a simple "installation" (just drag' n' drop into the 'components' folder) of one of the many optional components (Like Ipod management and such) that the active and friendly community created.
And just in case you did not want to deal with the "steep learning curve," there are a number of quick setup options to choose from. Also the "layout editing mode" where you can adjust the User Interface in real-time is fantastic.
Although it is, sadly, not open-source, it does have a VERY expansive SDK (Software Development Kit).

Fast, light-weight, and downright elegant, I honestly can't sing it's praises enough.


DeadBeef is a foobar-clone for Linux Distros ,there is also ...

Comment by SSStylish
about foobar2000 Jun 2011

DeadBeef is a foobar-clone for Linux Distros ,there is also another alternative Foobnix :D


Lightweight, it features all I need (keyboard shortcuts, in ...

Comment by xxavx
about foobar2000 Jun 2011

Lightweight, it features all I need (keyboard shortcuts, intuitive playlist, never crashes.


Insanely customizable and with no doubt the best music play ...

Comment by elephantphone
about foobar2000 Jun 2011

Insanely customizable and with no doubt the best music player out there. To bad there's no linux version.


Extremely lightweight, feature-rich and runs great even on ...

Comment by CJBrowne
about foobar2000 Jun 2011

Extremely lightweight, feature-rich and runs great even on ancient hardware. Only problem I have with it is the lack of source code which for ethical and security reasons puts me off.


Been using winamp and WMP for long time,until i found Fooba ...

Comment by SSStylish
about foobar2000 Jun 2011

Been using winamp and WMP for long time,until i found Foobar.Haven't switched to winamp since.Also beats winamp in every aspect :D
Just Beautiful !