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Podcasts play but don't resume. Very buggy.

Negative Comment by thePenciler
about Miro Mar 2015

For the one thing I was going to use it for, podcasts, it seems to be very bugged for one feature and it has been for a long time now. Resume playback. It will start at a random place in the show, usually at the beginning, instead of at the place it shows it left off from.

Also, if you want to delete some files/episodes it may crash instead and throw up a bug report dialog.

I've been looking for a competent podcast player with a resume playback feature like iTunes had, but so far I have found nothing. I'm not going back to iTunes though as I do not want to be tied into the Apple ecosystem anymore than I have to be.

I have no alternative to offer.

[Edited by thePenciler, March 23]

Also, it takes up a huge amount of resources just to run. CPU and memory. Not sure if this is intended and they meant for Miro to run on super systems or what. Very bad.


linux podcast player

Positive Comment by permute
about Miro Apr 2013

The best linux podcast player I've been able to find. I have used it for a few years now.


Fine Program, Easy enough to avoid extra software . . .

Positive Comment by ln8998
about Miro Nov 2012

While the extra software (AVG, etc.) included in the installer is admittedly annoying, it's possible without too much trouble to bypass if you are attentive . . . It is a fine program; I'd suggest folks give it a try and not be put off.

I'd also suggest, however, that the Miro folks make it a tad easier to opt out of these silly addons.

[Edited by ln8998, November 05]


poor install

Negative Comment by rogerdpack2
about Miro Apr 2012

Agree appears to install from some malware site.


Tricks users into installing the bundled AVG Toolbar

Negative Comment by mistaecko
about Miro Feb 2012

Stay away! The installer bundles the AVG Toolbar and the install wizard makes it unnecessarily confusing to opt-out. What a shame!