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Very good media player but with a few caveats

about Daum PotPlayer and KMPlayer ·

Firstly, it isn't open source. Not to sound like a Zealot, but we can see what has happened to KMPlayer - could easily happen to PotPlayer too.

Secondly it has a rather complicated set of menus. It's features are not for the feint hearted so not the ideal app for grandpa.

Performance is exceptional. Reliability wise it is very robust (not experienced a single crash) and playback quality is top notch. Codec/format wise it has handled everything I've thrown at it although I'm not the kind of user with a really diverse set of needs to take that with a pinch of salt.

It just needs to be open source and to have a UI guru shake it up a bit.



Comment by indexapks
about Daum PotPlayer · Jun 2016

Dear bro this was relay useful and great and this is also our need very thanks full..


Absolutely awesome

about Daum PotPlayer ·

Does his job, easily, better than VLC media player for sure.


Best player for sure...

about Daum PotPlayer ·

Best player for sure, it does all the jobs for me and I use it everyday, but it's sad the new icon is too ugly...


Simple, does what it has to do...

about Daum PotPlayer ·

Easy install, easy to use. reproduces what I wan't and it's lighweight


The best from the rest

Comment by Yasser
about Daum PotPlayer and KMPlayer · Jan 2014

I love it for its start-up speed; and hope that in future it doesn't follow KMPlayer's suit.

No regrets so far.

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Best Media Player

about Daum PotPlayer and KMPlayer ·

It is best media player. I switched from KMP 2 months ago and it is working great. A clean preinstalled skin will be a good thing and english translations should be improved.


English version available for download

Comment by musichemyst
about Daum PotPlayer · Jun 2013

Someone mentioned in an earlier comment that there was an English version available, but the link they gave is now dead. Fortunately, however, the English version seems to have found a formal home at who have have added it to their regularly updated collection of audio/visual software downloads:

Alternatively, it's also available at Softpedia:

[EDIT: The English-language version is now widely available for download at a variety of sites, e.g. AfterDawn, VideoHelp, MajorGeeks, CNet, Softonic, TechSpot, Softpedia]


Love it

about Daum PotPlayer ·

The Koreans make reliable cars, great smartphones and now media players!
I uninstalled KMP and VLC after a 2 week trial of Pot Player.


The God Father of media players 1 Helpful

about Daum PotPlayer ·

Although not Open Source I just have to side on this media player as it can do everything without any external filters/decoders.

To me the most important feature that PotPlayer has is the ability to select filters for various formats without having to force allow. This is extremely useful if you have custom filters and you want to only enable certain filters/decoders for specified formats (AVC, Divx, FLV, etc) without having to configure the filters themselves. It's all built-in.
If i'm not mistaken PotPlayer is the only player that can do this. I dare you to prove me wrong.

Another important feature that I found to work "BEST" in PotPlayer is streaming online content. You are able to see the loading progress within the seekbar.

This player has built-in madVR support (Madshi). There is nothing to complain about!

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Very fast, lightweight, all-in-one codec, smooth HD playback

about Daum PotPlayer ·

You need to give this player a try, even if you're happy with yours.

  • It's incredible fast and lightweight.
  • Supports GPU hardware acceleration
  • Because of GPU acceleration, cpu load is pretty low
  • Subtitles support, pretty and smooth
  • Seamless playback (for videos splitted in several files)

I've been a user of VLC, GomPlayer, MPC and MPC-HD and tried several players. This one seems to have all I want.

And it's pretty new, so if gain popularity it will become better


The best video player (GPU support) and very stable and fas ...

Comment by eagleeyez
about Daum PotPlayer · Jun 2011

The best video player (GPU support) and very stable and fast, made by the same developper of KMPlayer


An all-in-one solution with no need for any additional code ...

Comment by deepcut
about Daum PotPlayer · Jun 2011

An all-in-one solution with no need for any additional codec installation and plenty of features, from the original author of the excellent KMPlayer, this is the continuation of the project under a new name.
As klischee says in his comment, it is much more actively maintained than the KMPlayer is now, and there are unofficial translations available.


There are inofficial translations out there. For actual eng ...

Comment by klischee
about Daum PotPlayer · Jun 2011

There are inofficial translations out there. For actual english ones, you can follow this thread at doom9 (visit last page).

I think this player beats The KMPlayer. It's written in C (not Delphi like KMP), which causes it's a lot faster. It has much less bugs than KMP, and is in a very active, fast development, while the new developers of KMP doesn't update their player. Why the hell they bought it when they don't maintain it? Let's hope there are official translations for Daum PotPlayer one day.