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Well worth the less than $25 for permenent use.

Positive Comment by JLmeister
about Mailbird May 2017

Well worth the money for lifetime purchase. I'd only wish it were possible to have it on my Phone as well.

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best mail client ever 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by insidesystem
about Mailbird Nov 2016

This is application is combination of 3 most important things which make any app success: user-friendly, lightweight, and concentrated on feature what it do.
Mailbird much lighter then thunderbird and can easly process very big amounts of data much better then any alternative for windows in market for this time. It uses 4x less memory and just 0-1% of CPU when working in background (if compare to thunderbird with the same amount of email boxes, and emails). It uses only 160MB of storage to save all mails on disk, for example thunderbird at the same time uses up to few GB's. With this tool you can be really productive with email processing. You should try. Free version to be clear very limited, but paid one cost some money, but it worth it!


sorry to leave :-( 2 Helpful

Comment by tomazpogacar
about Mailbird Jul 2016

since Mailbird cancel three accounts in free version, I have to go... :-(


only 1 account usable for free version!

Comment by bobalazs
about Mailbird Jul 2016

Mailbird was my goto for email application, until with an update free email service got limited to only one email account.

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Thank you 2 Helpful

Comment by Mailbird
about Mailbird Nov 2015

Wow, on behalf of the entire Mailbird team: Thank you all for your glowing reviews and supportive comments. We are thrilled that so many of the people that use Mailbird like it enough to share it!


Awesome email client! 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by saultresidder
about Mailbird Sep 2015

Mailbird has it all. Excellent handling of multiple email accounts, as well as the amazing integration of other productivity apps, such as Evernote, Todoist, Sunrise calendar and the
With regards to your prediction that Microsoft will purchase this great Email client, I think they would be stupid not to!

Great work!!


WOW! 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by michaelhoneth
about Mailbird Sep 2015

I just got a new laptop with Windows 10, which I love; but I don't like Microsoft Mail, which doesn't have a unified inbox. I also wasn't happy with Outlook. I found reviews of Mailbird online, while looking for a clean, comprehensive app, and so far I am incredibly impressed with it. It is intuitive, and perfect for the way I think and work.


Where have you been Mail Bird?

Positive Comment by leestyron
about Mailbird and Thunderbird Sep 2015

I have been using Thunderbird for years and have been searching for something better for about as long. Before that I used Eudora or Outlook. Wasn't impressed with those either.
My main issue is Tbird is glitchy and and only 32 bit. When I have computer trouble and have to replace it, I loose all my email history. It does not backup like they say it should. Trust me, I have tried many many times.
I keep my business records and conversations on there and that history is very important to me.
I just upgraded to Win 10, and Tbird is not liking it very much. I stumbled on the link for Mail Bird while searching for a 64 bit version of Tbird, which does not exist that is supported.
So far, Mail Bird looks great. Works great for my work flow. Breath of fresh air to say the least.
So far I am a very happy customer. :) My searching is finally over.
THANK YOU So much!!!


Well Done

Positive Comment by jeffmullins
about Mailbird Sep 2015

While looking for a new email client, I came across Mailbird. I have not been disappointed


Best alternative to Outlook to manage exchange and cloud based email

Positive Comment by bradleywatson
about Mailbird Sep 2015

Been using for a week and loving it


Looks promising!!

Positive Comment by la_twins
about Mailbird Sep 2015

Just downloaded and started using Mailbird but am happy thus far. Pretty slick front end, and responsive customer support.


I Recommend Mailbird

Positive Comment by Yuri_Volkov
about Mailbird Sep 2015

If you are just struggling to use programs apps and webpages as a basic user, Mailbird will really help you set up your IMAP downloading from Gmail pretty much automatically. I also love the global inbox and multiple accounts features.


Finally! A well designed, powerful email client!

Positive Comment by bsabath
about Mailbird and Squirrelmail, Microsoft Mail and Calendar, Microsoft Office Outlook Sep 2015

I have my own personal email address which is hosted by my webhost. For years, I've accessed email via squirrel mail, which as you may know, is very old school, cumbersome, and not very powerful. It is hard to search through existing messages, and it renders many html based messages very poorly.
I recently got a new Windows 10 Laptop, and vowed I would find a new way to view my email. I tried the Mail app that comes with Windows 10 - very weak and kludgy. I tried Outlook - very powerful, but overly complex, and it still does a terrible job of rendering HTML graphics (apparently, it uses MS Word to render messages. WHAT!!?). I looked through the "Microsoft store" and "App Explorer" that Windows 10 provides. Searching "mail" brought me to virtually nothing useful.

Finally, I googled "Best Windows email client" (I should have done that first). Mailbird was mentioned in virtually every reference. I downloaded and installed it. Turns out, it was exactly what I was looking for.


Mailbird: number one

Positive Comment by boukebuis
about Mailbird Sep 2015

I was looking for a fast e-mail client with a modern look and feel, which I can use for multiple accounts. I found via Internet several alternative e-mail clients, but Mailbird attracted me most. I installed the program and I am very satisfied with the use.

The apps are very handy and I use them every day.