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Geary lives on...

Comment by LeTorbi
about Geary May 2016

Though it's true that the company that originally developed Geary has been closed, Geary is not dead. It's Code has been moved to the GNOME Website ( and there is still some development activity.


My favorite 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by SpiderMan
about Geary and Thunderbird Jul 2015

Tried Thunderbird, but I didn't like the UI and how it synced my mail. Geary, on the other hand, is simple, sleek and fast. Recommend.


Perfect as Offline gmail 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by Michal
about Geary and Gmail, Google Chrome Jul 2014

All the other email clients have problems with the way gmail is handeling labels, this one is the only one except the official Chrome extension that keeps your labels as labels and so it's a perfect way how to have gmail stored localy. Thumbs up.


Address Book

Comment by BrittRoss
about Geary Nov 2013

There is no contact list or address book for the millions of contacts that i just pull off the top of my head from memory!.. Whats with that?...otherwise i would make it default.


Fast 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by impossible
about Geary and Sylpheed Aug 2013

I use this on my GNU/Linux System it runs fast and lets me know when i get an email quickly. Dont know how much memory it pulls so have to check up on that. It does Imap only