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Clunky with OwnCloud / NextCloud / caldav

Comment by traceyc
about eM Client · Jun 2017 ·

I tried to get the client working with my IMAP server and OwnCloud hosted calendar. The interface is not really modular enough to do this well. It seems to assume you've got an all in one like Outlook or GMail. I had to go back to Thunderbird because this client didn't work fully. It's a shame, because the mail UI looks nice.



Comment by LorDestinY
about eM Client · Jun 2017 ·

I have a Office365 school account and it done all the configurations totally automatically.
Just inserted the username and password and after a few moments, everything was working out of the box.



Not yet there

about eM Client · · 1 Helpful

The only alternative to Outlook that I could find with Exchange functionality, but unfortunately still a long way to go to replace it in a working environment. I found it slower than Outlook and somewhat unpolished. Uninstalled when I got back a reply from a partner asking why I was sending blank mail...


eM Client 7 rocks!

Comment by rainergrossmann
about eM Client and Mailbird,, Thunderbird · Sep 2016 ·

I have been using eM Client 6 before, but stopped using it, because I still prefered Outlook 2010/2013.

Now I bought a lifetime license for eM Client 7, because it simply rocks! Much more polished that eM Client 7. Connects and sync GMail and iCloud calenders and contacts out of the box. In Outlook I need a lot of add-ins, eM Client has all features without add-ins.

Highly recommended even for professional users, since it also connects to Microsoft Exchange via EWS (Exchange Web Services) and sync not only email, but also your address book and you calenders.

If I compare eM Client to hyped email clients like Mailbird or Thunderbird, I have to point out: eM Client is professional software with all necessary features, Mailbird or Thunderbird are nice email clients for private usage, but not more.


only 2 accounts

about eM Client · ·

the free version only allows you to have 2 accounts. What's the point? I might as well have gone with the paid version of mailbird which was cheaper. You didn't show that there were limited accounts when I downloaded it.



about eM Client · ·

Great integration with principal email/chat/calendar services and user-friendly interface.


Could be the best email client ever

Comment by unalignedcoder
about eM Client · Dec 2012 ·

This could easily be the best email client ever created.

It imports flawlessly from Outlook and it works smoothly.

Certainly it is better than Thunderbird, Outlook, TheBat, AppleMail, Evolution and all the others.

As I said, it could the best, IF its toolbar could be customized. As it is, it is just frustrating. I am still with outlook only because of this.


Great software for no price

about eM Client · ·

I have been using Thunderbird/outlook for years and i have always been at a standstill when it comes to a dedicated mail client. What i like about Emclient is that its not really just another email client, its an all in one, calendar, chat, inbox, and most importantly native contact syncing.

It's the end all be all at least for me anyways. I appreciate how it plays so nicely with gmail!


Bundled with browser toolbar

about eM Client · ·

I'm still going to give it a go, but man, do I ever hate that shit.


Great app

Comment by lydiahaddocks
about eM Client · Jul 2011 ·

I find it much more user friendly than Outlook or Thunderbird. What I love is how I can share calendars and contacts with colleagues. Good choice.