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I have few doubts regarding the Lightshot software

Comment by JohnJefry
about LightShot · Jul 2017 ·

I have been searching for a perfect software to take screenshots on my Windows OS. I tried many tools like Snagit, but discontinued using them because they were not free to use. Recently, i came across the Lightshot software and found it free to use. So, I downloaded it and started using it. But I was not able to edit the images, or search similar images in Google (because i am a beginner user and not that experienced with such stuff.)
I searched for many solutions and found this review on Google . They say that it has "Numerous editing options" but I can't edit the screenshots after capturing it.
I read another review . They also didn't mention the editing features. So, can any experienced user guide me through the editing options of this software?
Another problem I am facing is that, pressing the "print screen" button doesn't work always. Sometimes, I have to start the program again from the desktop in order to the button to work.
Can anybody answer my questions? I am expecting an answer very soon. Thanks for your time. :)


un programa para screenshot facil,rapido

about LightShot · ·

es muy sencillo y rapdio lo unico malo es que no hay version nativa para gnu/linux :/


Mimics one of my favorite features in Mac OS X

about LightShot · · 1 Helpful

One of my favorite features in Mac OS X is its built-in screenshot tool. The default "PrntScrn" function in Windows sucks, since you're forced to take a screenshot of your entire screen (a huge pain due to my dual-monitor setup), and there's no easy way of saving the image. The Snipping Tool in Windows is a little bit better, but there's no easy way to turn it on, and it's not very flexible or quick to use, either. Meanwhile, the screen capture feature in Mac OS X allows you to select only a single part of your screen to capture, saves your screenshot automatically to the desktop, and is accessible via a keyboard shortcut.

Until Windows gets a less cruddy screen capture feature, LightShot is the best way I've found to mimic the excellent screenshot feature in OS X.

Hi omgitsthesmartguy,

Just a tip :

Did you know that you can make a shortcut and assign a keyboard shortcut to it natively in Windows?

Here's an article about it if you want : aKeyboardShortcuttoAnyInstalled_Program.html



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Very fast and simple tool. Love it.

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Very simple in use and advance in features. 100% solution for me

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Very nice, superfast, simple and very easy-to-use screenshot tool. I use it everyday for creating presentations and design! I recommend it if you want to save your time.