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Cannot capture many games in fullscreen mode

Comment by sirgregoryk
about ShareX and Greenshot · Jun 2017 ·

ShareX (and also Greenshot) cannot capture fullscreen directx (maybe also opengl) applications.
If you want to capture these applications, you need to run them in window (or borderless window) mode.


No Linux or Mac

Comment by joshmorel
about ShareX · May 2017 · 1 Helpful

As described here this is not available for Linux or Mac and likely never will be:

Made an edit and waiting for admin


I always use Acethinker Online Screen Recorder to create screencast on my Macbook pro, free and works perfect. You may check it out.


best app for screenshot upload

about ShareX · ·

I use google drive upload option, so no more problems with fast screenshot sharing.



Comment by lk425fVdw
about ShareX · Dec 2016 · 1 Helpful

Confusing user experience. It's like frankenstein's monster. SareX can everything, but you should spend a lot of time to understand how it works. Useful for complex professional tasks only, not for a common user.
But the point is that the Greenshot inside ShareX looks better (cleaner) than standalone one.


Just a PSA for Those Who Use This Guy's Software

about ShareX · · -2 Helpful

The guy outright denies a feature I requested because he thinks that "he should draw a line somewhere". Bullshit excuse; I wouldn't be surprised if he c-ould code the setting in under 30 minutes. Then he proceeds to rub it in my face that he had the feature in before.

Not going to be using this **'s software anymore.

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The way I see it, the developer actually went through the trouble of writing you a detailed 5-line response on his reasoning why he won't re-add the feature. His explanation is perfectly reasonable and worded in a respectful tone, it doesn't sound like he didn't appreciate the suggestion. As the project's maintainer, it's his job (and right) to decide on the general direction and scope of the software. I've dealt with many open-source projects, and I'd be thrilled to get a response like that. In 9 out of 10 cases, maintainers don't have the time to write responses like that, and if they do, they don't go beyond a "won't happen".

Also, the source is open, so he's not keeping anyone from adding the setting to their own builds. You don't even have that option with software projects who don't allow you access to their source.


No linux version

Comment by blackflaggeek
about ShareX and ScreenCloud · Jun 2014 ·

there is no linux version for this application and all other alternatives on linux are not even close to ease of use and feature set. for now my recommendation is screencloud for linux users.


More options is not always better

Comment by wrygiel
about ShareX and Greenshot · Feb 2014 ·

ShareX seems to be a port of Greenshot. It has more options than Greenshot. However, Greenshot just feels much more "solid" when it comes to user experience. If Greenshot's options are enough for you, I would recommend Greenshot.

It is also quite true what one of the other commenters had said - the developers of ShareX seem to be very defensive when it comes to bug reports and feature requests.

Hi wrygiel, ShareX is not a port of Greenshot. It used to be called ZScreen back in 2008 - - and was renamed to ShareX later after rebuilding from scratch.


Has potential, but...

Comment by DiskCrasher
about ShareX and Greenshot · Nov 2013 ·

The developers don't like bug reports or suggestions, it makes them defensive. (Not sure why they bothered making it open source.) And documentation is nil. Think I'll switch to Greenshot.

Hi DiskCrasher, this is not true. Good bug reports and suggestions are welcome. You will see that they are being actively responded to:


ScreenCloud, the best until moment

about ShareX · ·


ScreenCloud is simpler than ShareX by quite a number of features and appears to be a lead-in to sell you a service. ShareX also does screencasting which used to be very hard to come by for free.



about ShareX · ·

Is great alternative.
Image upload after link copyclipboard
upload file text after link copy clipboard.
upload files, and urlshortener.


One of the best images, texts, files uploading tools!

about ShareX · ·

So much customization:
- Your choice of hosting services.
- Support account logins.
- Custom hotkeys.