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about Feedly · · 4 Helpful

Just found out about feedly 30 day limit for all your feeds. Afterwards it deletes it without notices. Will switch to another one.


Google reader gone!

about Feedly and Google Reader · ·

Feedly is now my favourite Google Reader alternative.


Great and easy to use

about Feedly · ·

I love Feedly, it is super easy to use, nice interface, and can handle inputs from a wide variety of sources.


Google Reader Dead

about Feedly · ·

Feedly even better!! Best reader there is.

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Good to best

about Feedly · ·

Really freedly is best alternative.



I have Feedly, now how do I add an article (blog) to it?

Comment by SilverAngel
about Feedly and Google Reader · Nov 2013 ·

I already have Feedly, now, how do I add a blog article to it? Does the Blog have to have the Feedly 'icon' showing before I can add said article to Feedly?
Or, can someone please help me by giving me the steps to adding an article....I am losing lots of reading material because I'm not sure how to do this...grrrr to Google Reader....why fix something that wasn't broken....grrr, well, it worked for me, anyhow....

Feedly is an RSS client, hence it's not a stand alone. All you need to do in order to add a blog is go to its RSS. For example: This blog I like reading. Just go to the RSS / Feed button and you are good to go.

BTW - here is an actual example of an RSS feed: Hope that helps.


Great Google Reader Alternative!

about Feedly and The Old Reader, Netvibes · ·

Feedly is my favourite Google Reader alternative.

Without a doubt it provides the best functionality, plus it's free!

It's really easy to navigate with the keyboard as well which always helps.

I've even written about it in a blog post here:

Top 3 Free Google Reader Alternatives


User Beware

about Feedly · ·

Tried installing Freedly this morning and it completely corrupted my Chrome install and also makes you install a lot of other garbage just to get it installed. It took me half an hour to get my laptop working right again after removing it.


Never used RSS before

Comment by Satuim
about Feedly · Jul 2013 ·

I haven't used it before. But I might like this.
But I'm pretty sure web browsers have ones built in


OPML export missing

about Feedly and Feedspot · ·

Hate it when service providers try to lock in users
Cant import broken opml provided by Feedly into feedspot

Hope Feedly comes out with proper export or face user backlash


OPML support missing

about Feedly and The Old Reader · ·

I could not figure out how to export my settings out of Feedly, so I left. I will not have my data locked into their infrastructure.

I found TheOldReader an excellent alternative.

Actually, Feedly have since added this feature.


Great app

about Feedly · ·

Excelent app and site, easy to use, good looking, the perfect replacement to Google Reader for Android devices.

Really a great app with Google reader for android check for more here.


Left netvibes to find a better reader, stuck with this.

about Feedly · ·

I had been using netvibes for years but got fed up of a few bugs that they wouldn't acknowledge or fix. I decided I'd try a bunch of different readers and then write a blog post reviewing them all and hopefully it'd be quite interesting. Having a google account already I thought that feedly that works with Google Reader would be a good first one to try. I never bothered trying any other readers, feedly is great. Which makes for a boring blog post, but I'm happy with feedly, so nevermind.


I love this site! It is so easy to navigate plus the save ...

Comment by garnenia
about Feedly · Jun 2011 ·

I love this site! It is so easy to navigate plus the save for later feature is great. Too many cool features to mention here, but it's definitely the best feed reader out there.

Now that Google reader is history, there is no way to import your feeds into Feedly. Poor planning on their part.