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Can't use this anymore

Comment by crankyoldbugger
about Inoreader · Apr 2017 ·

I was a big fan of Inoreader, but lately they've been showing a lot of NSFW advertisements on the site, so I can't use this at work anymore.

We don't normally run such ads, unless the feed itself is NSFW. If you think you saw such ad by mistake on a regular feed, please report it to us. We are here at support and will surely take measures.


A TRUE Google Reader replacement

about Inoreader · · 2 Helpful

I spend so much time on Feedly, and finally they still doesn't open the "Search my feed" function for free.
I turn to InoReader, which having basic search function but just what i looking for, So Goodbye Feedly.
I hope InoReader would long live!

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I'm in love

about Inoreader · ·

This what a true APP killer looks like.

If you consider yourself a "power user" just try it.


it's the best

Comment by orayanpacks3
about Inoreader · Aug 2016 · 1 Helpful
* inoreader better than feedly or any other coz

    * tool as basic as "search" is not available free in feedly ............but it is present free in inoreader
    * article pocket me ["inoreader"ka tag + jo bhi inoreader me us article par tag lge ho] lagkar jata
    * pocket me bheja ya nhi-----------iska proof bhi inoreader deta hai-----by yellow colour.......jabki pocket me pata hi ni chal pata
    * unlimited sources---------feedly me sirf 100 feed sources hi le skte hai............jbki inoreader me no limits

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They start show ads

about Inoreader · · -3 Helpful

Not the best


The real replacement for Google Reader

about Inoreader · · 4 Helpful

Very disapointed by Feedly (a premium account to search inside your feeds?! To connect to Evernote? Come on!), I found today my real replacement for Google Reader. I hope InoReader will live long.


The best alternative to Google Reader

about Inoreader · ·

This RSS reader is the best and the closest alternative to Google Reader! Thanks to developers

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excellent reader!!

about Inoreader · ·

this reader is purely awesome. i would recommended this reader over any others and is a great alternative to the now defunct google reader.


The Great

about Inoreader and Feedly · ·

Finally! After spend so much time in Feedly, I really found a "reincarnation" of Google Reader. Betther than Feedly. You must try it now!


My little opinion

about Inoreader · ·

wow... just wow!

Ever since Google announced the discontinuity of Reader I have tried the top free alternatives, namely Feedly and Netbives. So first I tried Feedly, but I was a bit skeptical about its interface, because it looked too... slick, too colorful. Just as I thought, Feedly tries to be too smart (taking decisions for me) in order to display the data in a fashionable and flashy way, so I discarded it immediately. After that, I tried Netbives, and I was very happy with it for a while. It never tried to be smart, it just displayed the feeds, and a side tab. Period. However, it sometimes behaved wierdly, repeats feeds, and it is a bit slow, yet it worked as intended so I sticked to it for a while.

After a few months, I got fed up with Netbives: it's too buggy, too irresponsive, I don't know, it just does not feel right. So I decided to test InoReader... and... wow. It's just EXACTLY what I was looking for. The interface is super-simple, white, and it scrolls w/o delays. White background; on the left side, tabs; on the right side, content. Period. Simply put, a perfect clone of Google Reader.

All my kudos to InoReader... and no, I am not affiliated to these guys in any way, shape or form.

In defense of Netbives, I was wrong: it never "bugged". Some of my seeds had gone crazy, as the publisher re-updated old posts with the same titles. So Netbives was never at fault, my RSS feeds were.

Still, InoReader is both, faster and cleaner, which are features I do greatly enjoy.


El mejor remplazo !

about Inoreader and Google Reader · ·

Para mi el mejor, no echas en falta Google Reader y está en contínuo desarrollo. A la espera de Android app :)

For me InoReader is the best, using it I don't miss Google Reader and it's in continuous development. Waiting for an Android app :)

[Translated by Venom88, July 03]

Thanks for the translation :)


The best (or only?) replacement for Google Reader

about Inoreader and The Old Reader, Digg Reader, Feedly · ·

InoReader is the only replacement for Google Reader that is actually better than the original, as a web-based service; hopefully, once it gains more popularity, other services will be announced (mobile apps).

InoReader is ideal for the power user and yet friendly enough for the occasional reader. I recommend this service over Feedly, The Old Reader, Go Read, AOL reader and digg Reader... and I extensively tried each of these services for several days!


InoReader is the best Google Reader replacement

about Inoreader · ·

InoReader is probably the closest to Google reader interface and one of the the fastest web rss readers.

On top of that its not just bare bones rss but full-blown reader with likes/search/comments/favorites and so on.


Inoreader the right alternative

about Inoreader · ·

I tried several other services ( feedly, oldreader, newsblur, digg, aol) but Inoreader is the best alternative to google reader. Many features are the same of google reader. It is a reliable service. I didn't experience issues and the site didn't go down ( oldreader is often not available)