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Tiny Tiny RSS is OUTSTANDING but has some caveats...

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Tiny Tiny RSS is OUTSTANDING for the most part but it does have some issues that people should know about before using it.

  1. The Developer & Support Team for Tiny Tiny RSS are jackasses, plain and simple. If you report something they disagree with then they will mock you and insult you. You have been warned. (example: )

  2. TT-RSS is NOT for the novice user. You will need to have some experience with servers or at least web servers.

  3. TT-RSS works as a local RSS reader but is MUCH better as a cloud option but you will need a server for this.

  4. Android App ONLY works for people who have it working in a server setup.

  5. Shared Hosting accounts are NOT supported. If you do not have a VPS or a Dedicated server then there is a chance that they will not bother helping if you need support. TT-RSS will actually work on a shared hosting account as that is how I am running it but they will probably not help someone using shared hosting. It is possible that they might but unlikely.

With all of that said, TT-RSS is pretty freaking awesome project and I still use it.

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