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This is a piece of malware that people have to use.
It eats up all the resources, monitor your screen, disk, network, location activity. It gathers data from every aspect it can.
It doesn't follow file storage rules, design rules, every single rule on every system.
The only reason I use it is that I have to use it. Avoid it if you can, before you can't.

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**No privacy **at all. Never trust any of them.

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Actually WeChat is very problematic application for those who are living outside of China. Especially Americans, Malaysians and South Africans are hardly register to the app because of security check process. The application may require you to register with assistant registration. For an assistant registration, you will need a friend and your friend needs to own a WeChat Wallet, his account should be 1 year-old at the least and he shouldn't have activated an account for a year. For an American or European having such a friend is almost impossible. People are facing this problem too much. Since I am owner of a unofficial troubleshooting website about WeChat, we were getting almost 100 questions about verifying account daily. I assume almost 1000 people are facing with this problem everyday and it makes almost 400.000 users yearly. Most of those people who face with this error are quit using the app. We also got many complaints about WeChat support about the same issue, some of application users reported that they haven't got any response for this problem about months. They should certainly remove this verification mode if WeChat wants to be international. (I am sure they want it with investments on WeChat Go, WeChat South Africa, etc.)

The other problem with the application is verification code. It is highly likely that some GSM operators has been blocked some Chinese services and people can't able to receive these verification codes. WeChat haven't fix this problems for years. This problem exists almost about 6 years and couldn't fix yet.

There are also many known bugs with WeChat Sake, WeChat People Nearby features of the application. There are also many downsides and cons of the app.

However WeChat is one of the most fun messenger applications that you will have in your phone. There are many good features. You can make new friends who are already seeking friends with shaking their phone. WeChat has focused on publishing new features so much. However they should focus on fix verification system first because their current style doesn't make any sense at the moment. They should also fix those bugs anymore. People are tired of complaining about those.

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If you're in China then this i...

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The main problem is politics, it's been accused for censoring political problems in China like human rights abuse. Other than that, WeChat is one of the best app I've used, and has great features that no other app has like "Message in a bottle" which you put message in a bottle and someone can fish and open it. Ignore most of these 1 star review, they are people who are too political and are biased. Rate this as "Not Helpful" all you want but no one's going to change my opinion.
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