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VyOS multi tenancy network

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We build a multi tenancy network with 16 vyos virtual router.
The syntax is easy to learn, the setup time is so fast - install - config - save and thats it. Also it don't need much cpu, ram and hdd. Monitoring with snmp works as well.

The wiki documentation is enormous and there are a lot of sources in the www that can help. The forum is a good place - good people, good product.

I recommand vyos!


Easy config, consistent performance

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Last year I spent weeks on end to try to use Ubuntu to make BGP-4 routing working over IPSec tunnels to AWS to no avail.

Once I discovered VyOS and tried it I had the entire setup up and running in less than a week.

The current version is admittedly based on an ageing Debian version but the team is working hard to address that and legacy related shortcomings, and is very friendly and helpful.

The IPSec tunnels might stop working after a very long time (could be months, I suspect it is related to bugs in the underlying software handling over a certain amount of traffic), a simple restart fixes this. Just have to watch out for it.


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A product that "just works". Rarely have issues but when I do run into an odd behavior, help is easily retrieved through slack.

We have hundreds of these deployed across our datacenter and Azure with consistent, reliable performance.


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We use VyOS at our datacenter and couldn't be happier.