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Easy setup, intuitive. All of the features I need

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Hi. I just want to tell, that I have Valentina since version 5 (And I always keep it updated). I have no problem with the free license "buying", I have to say the software fits my needs and also the couple times I had doubts I asked in their facebook page and I got surprised by their response time. Very fast and good support. The only thing I miss from other software is the ability to change the database name once you have created it. But generally I highly recommend it.

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thank you!
You can add feature request into our bug tracker.

The best you can get in Linux and Windows

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I always was a little jealous of Sequel Pro in OS X but then I found out about Valentina Studio. The free (as in beer) version is more than enough for my needs. Should I need anything much more advanced I can pay for it. Valentina also proved to be snappier than Heidi SQL. Loving it.


Best Database Admin GUI in Linux

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To be honest, I didn't use much database admin GUI before. But when I saw my colleague running Valentina Studio, I simply can't resist to give it a try. To my surprise, the GUI are pleasant to look at in my Linux Mint KDE. Queries are snappy, and I hardly even do SELECT (in some case also UPDATE) query anymore thanks to Valentina Studio's lightweight and fast table view. I do notice performance drop when opening table view on large table, but once it's opened the filters work just as fast as in small table.

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Great tool (and free) for those working with SQLite databases. One star off for the annoying and cumbersome registration to use a free tool.

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Good at back-referencing ForeignKeys.

No support for DateTime datatype.

A little unintuitive on startup on Mac.

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Email address and billing address for a free product key? No thank you


Actually just email where you will get your free serial. The billing address is not required.

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Sketchy. Didn't get to even try it. Could have, but would rather use something else at this point.

Screenshots looked nice; website wasn't ancient; seemed like it might be a decent option for having something local.
Unfortunately, I no longer want to use anything by this company.

My experience trying to install it:

  • In order to get the free version, you have to register for an account on their website. Completely fine with me... besides that they want you full billing address and phone number on top of the standard email address. Not something I would ever do for free software from a developer I have never heard of.
  • After registering and "purchasing" the free license, you get an email with the license key.... no link to actually get the software in the email or after ordering the license. So we have to go and find that on their website.
  • After starting the download, I notice that the file size says "17.78 Mb" (version "7.5"), and Firefox is downloading a ~35MB file. A little strange so far.
  • After waiting about 15 minutes for the download to complete (due to the 50-70 kB/s download speed... which isn't on my end...), I can finally attempt to try it....
  • My first attempt at running the installer (simply double-clicking on the file) caused Windows File Explorer to hang. I haven't had that happen to me since I had Windows 8.
  • Decided to have Norton 360 check it (it does automatically whenever something is downloaded, but figured it wouldn't hurt to do it again), and it says that it didn't detect anything, and it's most likely safe. Ran Norton's File Insights on the installer (the download), which said that less than 5 people in the Norton community have used it, but that Norton trusts it.
  • Tried running the installer again, which was then met with Windows SmartScreen blocking the file from running (I haven't seen that in quite a while...), stating that it thinks it's a malicious file and that I should not attempt to run it, providing me with no option to immediately bypass it.
  • I then proceeded to delete the file, having wasted almost an hour trying to use it.

As finding the software through alternativeTo, I checked the reviews of the software, finding a bit of a mix of ratings, but what put me over to even making this review, was the apparent (because I cannot verify) developer's responses. Username I'm referring to is "pararoot".

Some excerpts:

What a nonsense :)


If you are not a troll, then you can get help from us on our online forum. You with sure get some misunderstanding.


Don't you think that before start do work, it is a good idea enter at least FREE serial, instead use 10 min demo mode?


Identify letters (few per year) from a free product, which you are using for job as spam - this is also an "interesting" point of view.

If this user is an actual representative of the company, I find many of the responses unprofessional with the slight attitude unwarranted by the reviews this user was responding to. In nearly any industry in which company employees interact with clients/customers, no matter how unruly the client/customer is, the employee is a representative of the company and must remain professional at all times. This user seems almost to be taking the reviews as a personal attack, which they are not.

Also would like to mention to the @pararoot user, that many people will completely refuse to try a free software if they are required to enter a valid email address, as when they provide that information to (such as this case) a company they do not have reason to trust, there is zero possibility to take it back should things not go well. It's like putting your phone number on the internet publicly, once some service/bot/scanner/whatever sees it, it's going to be permanently circulated. Having that in combination with an apparent developer who seems to be replying to negative reviews with unprofessional comments. I don't think it's too much of a stretch to think that it would be possible for the developer to use the access they have to the database of user information (emails, addresses, phone numbers) to do something malicious out of spite.

Silly me for using my real email :'(

The price model I have no problem with (having a free license, along with a pro license), however when the pro license is $199.99 (and providing 12 months of updates), to people like myself, it implies that the software can be held to a much higher standard. For that kind of value, I do not expect to have had really any of the issues I've encountered. Yes, I did not pay for it, but at the same time, I would have had the same issues if I had purchased it.

Let me be very clear on this:

  • This is not a personal attack.
  • This is the summary of my experiences and thoughts, which I can only hope will be used to improve the software & company.

Stopped using this app when they started requiring an account.

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I recently reinstalled it after reloading my OS and found that the Free version requires a serial number to use for longer than 10 minutes.

I didn't remember it requiring a serial last year when I installed it the first time, but the company reminded me here in a comment before I edited this review that it has been that way for a long time, and I found the serial number in an old email account I was using at the time.

It's a minor hassle to have to register for the free version, but the software does work pretty well once setup. My biggest issue with having to register is that I don't like to sign up with my email address for things like this. If I want to buy something from a company later, I'll research it again later and buy it. I don't want them having my email address.

But I understand that companies sometimes think there is little point to providing something for free if they can't even get an email address to do marketing to later for premium products, or to sell to other companies if they wish. That's a choice they can make. And as a user I can decide if giving up a little more privacy is worth it to me.

Before I stopped using it, I considered it to be the best free app available for doing queries and small edits to data. It had some minor bugs, but was overall pretty good.

So, this is a negative review not because the software is bad. It's pretty good. It's negative because I don't like having to give up an email to get a license.

I have gone back to pgModeler which I had used a while ago, but it was lacking some features like the ability to edit data. It was primarily for schema design at the time. Now the developers have added a lot of features including data management, making it a full featured DB design and management app like many of the higher cost options on the commercial market.

But it is Open Source, can be compiled and used for free (or a small fee for pre-compiled binaries if you prefer the convenience) with no strings attached.

I always prefer Open Source when it offers options that are good enough for what I need.


What a nonsense :)

  1. there was no any changes during last 3-4 years from the point when we have to introduce FREE version.
  2. Download is possible without an account. Everybody can see this on site. But you need to get serial for the free version.

If you are not a troll, then you can get help from us on our online forum. You with sure get some misunderstanding.

I don't think it's wise to reply so aggressively to a users comment if you are from the company. A part from that I think this licensing model is absolutely fair and reasonable. If you just want to check the interface and overall functionality you can do that within the 10 minutes period. If you want to setup demo projects that's serious work and you have to invest quite a lot of time. It's a kind of due dilligence where I intend to buy if everything is OK. Every help from the developers is welcome for me during this time and I can say that I got excellent support from the Valentina team during my testing so far.

Jurgen, let me explain.
10 min - this is only for the case when user has no any serial. There is no big idea in this 10 min period. Everybody can in 1 minute get a Free serial, and then use Valentina Studio as long as he wants.
Why have we made 10 min? May be this is a historical issue. Up to v4.x there was no free version at all, but there was 10 min only demo mode. Once again, today, when everybody can get FREE serial, this 10 min mode is not important at all.

P.S.2 Sometimes users ask for time-limited PRO serial, and we do this.

@pararoot: I think you miss a point here. If I am looking for a software solution I usually can choose from tons of different offers. Everyone want's to explain that his or her solution is exactly what I need. The only way to find out is to install different solutions and try them out myself. Within only several minutes i can evaluate whether the software

  • could possibly fit my needs (many don't because they miss some functionality)
  • fulfills my minimum requirements regarding the interface, implementation and stability on my system (MacOS)

In this phase I do not invest much time and I would not give any company my name and e-mail address (except maybe for the very well known) . Many of them have a bustling sales department and keep annoying me with offers, questions, newsletters … apart from those selling my address to others. It's not a question of how long it takes to get a free license. It's about the decision whether or not I want to establish a business relationship. For that I can just recommend you keeping the licensing model as it is.


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As in "free for half an hour" or some such. I was working on a new table when Valentina Studio informed me that the demo time limit was up and refused to save my changes. I'll stick with Postico.

  1. In fact, DEMO is 10 minutes only.
  2. When you have start Valentina Studio I think you have to see DIALOG "Get your free serial? This takes just 30-60 seconds.

Don't you think that before start do work, it is a good idea enter at least FREE serial, instead use 10 min demo mode?

  1. That's even worse, but covered by "some such".
  2. My time to make a fake email is not free, nor is my time wasted by spam in my real email (worth 2.50 USD last i checked).

Don't you think that before you reply, perhaps you should understand the language first?

Dear GeesT,

you expressing very nice ideas, but:

  1. Do you know that most DEMO products refuse to SAVE TO DISK? And our Demo dialog warns about this.
  2. Fake emails, in fact, are not legal to use our product, although people sometimes do this.
  3. Identify letters (few per year) from a free product, which you are using for job as spam - this is also an "interesting" point of view.

Thank you for your comments. :)

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