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Toon Boom Studio Alternatives for iPad

Toon Boom Studio is not available for iPad but there is one alternative with similar functionality. The best iPad alternative is Animation Desk, which is free. If that doesn't work for you, our users have ranked more than 10 alternatives to Toon Boom Studio, but unfortunately only one of them is available for iPad. If you can't find an alternative you can try to remove all filters.

Toon Boom Studio alternatives are mainly Animation Makers but may also be Digital Painting Tools or Vector Graphic Apps. Filter by these if you want a narrower list of alternatives or looking for a specific functionality of Toon Boom Studio.
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Used for some of the most popular cartoons on TV as well as in the movies Toom Boom delivers high quality. But it can also...

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  1. Animation Desk is a perfect tool for animating, storyboarding, and sketching. It’s an app Loved by professional and amateur animators, Youtubers, and many art lovers. Draw you frame-to-frame animation from scratch, or create animations upon videos, images, PSD layers.

    ⚫︎ Onion skinningAnimation Desk allows you to see through several frames simultaneously and make sure the lines of each frame are correctly lined up.
    ⚫︎ Video ImportYou can import external video material into Animation Desk.
    ⚫︎ Keyframe AnimationCompositions can be keyframed in Animation Desk, allowing you to change the parameters over time.
    ⚫︎ RotoscopingAnimation Desk supports creating animated sequences by tracing over live-action footage frame by frame.
    ⚫︎ Support for LayersAnimation Desk supports the organization of elements through a hierarchical order that can be manipulated/viewed independently.
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