Excellent for a beta. Looking forward to the full blown experience.

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This excellent project is in beta but it has already the following features:

  • end-to-end encryption
  • markdown support
  • private/public chatrooms
  • room members by link and/or invitation
  • themes
  • various notification levels
  • file sharing
  • voice & video conferening (I haven't tested this personally)

It's exciting to see what this will be in a year from now.
There are still a few niggles to sort out:

  • not all files upload correctly (size limit for the beta?)
  • pasted text appears twice when you enter it in a chat room (but correctly once you hit enter)
  • not all webpages are previewed correctly
  • searching chat room text is slow (unencrypted rooms)
  • searching chat room text doesn't work (encrypted rooms)*

*Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't have to be like that. Turtl and other show text in encrypted clients can be searchable. Have an index file, decrypt it locally and search it locally. Don't understand why it's not done more often.

Also, I'm quietly hoping that ghastly green colour won't be the default and put people off. (Don't worry - you can pick different colours for different rooms.)


Does it have Team Viewer-like remote control, Teams-like file history and ability to lock contact lists, i.e. contacts controlled by admin only? Looking for something for a little business.

All cons are true, everything depends on the server (matrix-synapse) settings:

  • file size limit, default 100 MB i think
  • preview setting (requires 3rd party)

There is only one reason i (we) stopped using it:

  • Audio/Video Call (i could not setup properly the TURN server /Coturn/ for it), if it works in your country without it then you are lucky (but i don't want to be lucky i want it to work even if "they" don't want it to work)

Hopefully i find a nice tutorial about a working TURN server.

-no, it has no remote control (yet), but Wire has (or only viewer, i am not sure) try it

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Riot recently came out of beta: alt. Now that we're at a full-fledged release, I can say that New Vector's done a wonderful job. The interface was admittedly quite messy during the beta. The settings were extensive, but were a pain to navigate through and understand. After the update, however, the interface is much more focused and cleaner. Also, it loads a little faster.

As usual, Riot keeps all its previous features, like end to end encryption and voice and video chatting (although I must admit that I haven't used them, because no friends...this is really a recurring theme in my reviews, geez).

As of this writing, I have yet to find the Linux 1.0 version, but I did find it currently on Windows. EDIT: It just entered the software repository for Ubuntu, about an hour after this review. Other distros will probably get it soon.

Anyways, if you're looking for an open source alternative to things like Discord or Slack, give Riot a shot!

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The desktop app and the web based interface is a bit confusing and it could do with some improvement, but the mobile app works nicely. Overall a decent, though partial, alternative to WhatsApp and Slack, now that it's out of beta.

Looking forward to a new version.

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Actually i think it is very complicated for skype-like users.

  • E2E encryption requires action from both sides it is not enabled by default (not private at all)
  • File transfer and Video Calls should be P2P and not limited by the server

I hope they change something on it to be more efficient.


Are you ignoring the null key of RC4 cipher used by Skype for years?

Microsoft monitoring doesn't bother you?

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still in beta (0.7.01) but seem really powerfull. no need of phone number or email. seem really respect privacy.

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E2e encryption, OLM, is nowhere near as mature as OMEMO is for xmpp.

Android clients on FDroid are reasonably well maintained.

IPhone client has some sync issues.

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Great alternative to any other standard chat service. Easy to use and simple interface.