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    The best open source alternative to PingPlotter is mtr, which is both free and Open Source. If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 25 alternatives to PingPlotter and 15 is open source so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement. Other interesting open source alternatives to PingPlotter are WinMTR (Free, Open Source), Ping Tracer (Free, Open Source), SmokePing (Free, Open Source) and GPING (Free, Open Source).

    This page was last updated Feb 8, 2021

    1. mtr combines the functionality of the 'traceroute' and 'ping' programs in a single network diagnostic tool.
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      Some users think mtr is a great alternative to PingPlotter, some don't.
    2. WinMTR is a Free Network Diagnostic Tool WinMTR is a Windows application which combines the functionality of the traceroute and ping utilities in a single network diagnostic tool.


      The program is no longer updated. Last version, 0.92, released in February 2011, can be still downloaded from the official website.

      WinMTR vs PingPlotter opinions
      Most users think WinMTR is a great alternative to PingPlotter.
      The classic mtr program but for windows, has a graphical interface too.
      Positive comment over 4 years ago


    3. Ping Tracer continuously pings each network host between your computer and a given destination, helping visually identify the source of connectivity problems.
      Ping Tracer vs PingPlotter opinions
      pros, cons and recent comments
      ilnahro It is well maintained, easy to use, has a simple user interface and is open source
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    4. Smokeping is a latency measurement tool. It sends test packets out to the net and measures the amount of time they need to travel from one place to the other and back.
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    5. GPING (Graphical Ping) is a powerful utility that pings and graphs multiple hosts simultaneously over a user-defined polling interval and generates detailed graphs. It comes with plethora of options for novice as well as advanced network engineers.


      Hasn't been updated since 2016.

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      Most users think GPING is a great alternative to PingPlotter.

    6. ping is a program to send ICMP echo probes to network hosts, similar to ping, but much better performing when pinging multiple hosts.
    7. Open Visual Traceroute download. Open Visual Traceroute 2016-06-19 00:43:20.467000 free download. Open Visual Traceroute Open source cross-platform Java Visual Networking tool
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      Open Visual Traceroute vs PingPlotter opinions
      This alternative is disputed. Open Visual Traceroute is still a legitimate alternative to PingPlotter, but it might have issues that some users think are important.
      Doesn't do multiple simultaneous traces, no continuous monitoring. Log files not sufficient.
      Negative comment over 3 years ago

    8. PingMeterGadget - Customizable, graphical, semi-transparent ping (latency) meter. Can be used as in-game overlay if game runs in borderless window.
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    9. Vaping is a healthy alternative to smokeping!.
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      Ping latency graphing TUI. Compare multiple hosts in real-time.
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