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Server good...Client bad.

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I recently tried this with some of my users. We gave up because quite simply the client software is crap and you can't connect anything but their own proprietary client to the server at present.

Messages would frequently not arrive without any indication to the sender that there was a problem. There were lockups with no explanation - the user would hit send, and the program would be "busy" and unable to move until the user force ended its process in the task manager.

Another slap in the face is to use the client software under anything but MS Windows you need wine or a virtual machine, while the server itself can run on several platforms. In short, the client software is a hastily thrown together turd connecting to the more polished back end.Hopefully future versions will have the client catch up and I'll be able to give this a better review after trying it again but for now: 3 out of 10 stars.