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Use Imgur instead

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Imgur is better. It really is. I used to use Imageshack back in 2007-2009, until I discovered that pretty much anything else was better. With Imageshack, I got a popup every time I uploaded an image (not sure if they still do that), and the website didn't offer any easy way to link to the actual image, rather than the frame page for the image (I know for sure that they still do this). You don't have to deal with any of this garbage on Imgur.


It has been fixed since that time. Now right-clicking on the image on the preview page will bring up the direct link. The problem was they disabled direct linking awhile ago. But there was always ways to get around it to begin with. Also Imgur is fairly limiting compared to ImageShack. With ImageShack you have the ability to minimize the image into few sizes ranging from Thumb to Web to what ever. With Imgur its limited to 3 sizes or more if you are on Paid plan.

I do agree Imgur sharing is 800% simpler and faster vs ImageShack but it has its down-sides as well.


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these guys were (among) the first to offer free image hosting

pre free image hosting one had to create one's own webhosting account to display images in interweb services... making it easy to identify who was posting what where

God bless ImageShack for their seeming privacy enhancing service


Image hotlinking to full sized image

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Description fails to mention that ImageShack, unlike most "free" image hosts, ALLOWS image hotlinking to full sized image. Also imageshack will NOT destructively re-save images uploaded within the maximum filesize unlike most "free" image hosts.