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Great Backup software

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Being exceptionally a comprehensive backup and recovery service for all Google Apps data, Cloudally is very reliable. Together with google apps, clodally renders automated daily backups. You can easily activate back ups for all Google Apps just with a single click.

Its simplicity in use its very clear. All what is required of you is to create a cloudally account by filling in the required information.

The supporting care of this back up service its reliable. At first I got challenged in retriving my data. I contacted the support care and just few seconds, they responded back with helpful instructions

It doesn't matter how large the back up data is. Retriving documents from cloudally its very fast. Just few seconds and you have your data there!

What is more amazing about Cloudally? In case of any loss of data, you can easiliy recover your Google Apps data instantly.

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Excellent, intuitive backup solution.

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Reliable and intuitive backup services can be difficult to find. Fortunately, someone recommended CloudAlly's solution which frankly speaking, is a great cloud backup service that gives users great value for money.

The solution gives you the ability to backup cloud information or data from platforms like Salesforce, Yahoo Mail, Amazon S3, Onedrive, Office 365 Exchange, Box, Google Apps, Sharepoint and much more.

The straightforward, simple to utilize interface guarantees that users execute backup and restore tasks with minimum fuss. You can create and edit backup jobs easily (or on demand) for online data through a centralized dashboard.

So with CloudAlly's solution, I got convenience and results. Thankfully, I did not need to wade through scores of esoteric looking menus to execute a straightforward backup and restore task. Signing up to the platform is easy (utilizing email and password, or Google, Facebook, or Azure credentials) and you can get to the business of backing up data in just a few minutes. The backup operation may take a while based on the volume of information or documents the user needs to backup but you can always automate these tasks and view results at your convenience.

Thankfully, CloudAlly's restore operations did not overwrite my present information as all restored information was tagged "CloudAlly Restore" with date/time stamp of the document.

Like all users, I wish the service can include more features like a multilingual option for other languages apart from English and add more options with respect to the cloud services or data I can backup on the platform.

On a side note (its often better to be sure), I did some digging and discovered that CloudAlly is a certified ISO 27001 company and the company uses AES-256 bit encryption algorithms to encrypt transmitted and stored information. For companies or individuals looking for a reliable backup service, I have had a positive experience thus far and CloudAlly’s backup service built on Amazon’s reliable AWS comes highly recommended.


Awesome Backup App Ever!

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Being in the IT department of a microfinance, we had issues find a safe storage for client information and other useful data for the organization. After trying several apps online, we finally came across CloudAlly and life is now much easier. We are no longer worried about safe information storage and ease of access. If you work in a bank or microfinance institution you know how delicate information storage matters can be.

CloudAlly is easy to use; the interface is plain simple and there are buttons where one can click to back up and restore. Being the only cloud storage app that's HIPAA compliant and ISO 27001 certified, we enjoy using it because of the safety. All financial institutions are usually wary about their customer information and how it's stored for obvious reasons. But with CloudAlly, you no longer need to worry about that since the safety of data stored in guaranteed. And did I mention the daily backup reports are amazing?

What surprised us even more was the less techie nature of the app. At no point did we find it necessary to call or email the support for assistance (although they have contact details on the site if you get stuck). Everything is straightforward,from set up all the way to back up and restoration. All we had to do was follow the steps and click on the ready available buttons. The backup process was fast and after it completed, we could see the size of data already backed up. Almost everyone can use this app.

We will continue using this app and we highly recommend it to both individuals and small and medium sized companies like law firms, accounting firms, microfinance institutions and more. It's cost-effective for such organizations too. You only need to pay from around $2-3 per month per user. This is way affordable for an app of such incredible features.


The Simplest, Safest and Easy to Use Backup App

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Being a writer and SEO specialist, I create lots of files daily which need to be kept safely. Most of files contain important and sensitive information that shouldn't be lost because I may need it later on. I had been using other popular apps to backup my files until I came across CloudAlly after a friend recommended it.

What I liked about this app is the fat that you've 15 days to try it and see whether it's something worth keeping or not. Signing up was hassle free, as I had to use my Google+ details, and before I knew it, I was already set to back up anything from Yahoo to Gmail, BOX, IMAP and so forth.

Backing up is simple and just a click or two. It actually shows you the size of file backed up and when you can recover it. And did I mention you can select your preferred backup time and frequency? What even impressed me more was the fact that I received daily reports via email showing me details of the backup activity in my CloudAlly account. Now, I no longer need to worry about finding corrupt or lost files. I can spend that time brewing a cup of coffee instead.