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  • Best Cloud management i ever used, it is very easy to use and all cloud services are working properly
  • Free users are limited to¬†1 account per cloud, No encryption, Synchronize function, 5 simultaneous downloads, 5 simultaneous uploads, No speed limiter, No password but still it is acceptable for personal uses

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By far Air Explorer is the best - none of the alternatives match to it. Air Explorer has it all.

  • no sign up other than cloud logins like those 'alternatives'

  • no restricted traffic by the app like with those alternatives

Ok - CloudBuckIt could become a challenger - but that's not likely anytime in the future as CloudBuckIt is very bare bones.


Clean and easy

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The free version gives a lot of power - it's main limitation is 1 account per storage type.

So if you have a couple of google acounts - get the pro version.


I Have it Portable : means lifetime but you must change Host file to stop it communicate with it s official site.
if you want it write me at thomas.flees@gmail.com to send it s url to you.

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Its a great software to manage your cloud accounts


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Simple, intuitive, effective and no monthly fees.


Works Well

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Free version is very limited, but the paid version (either yearly or lifetime) is extremely cheap and does a great job of transferring files to/from cloud services.


i think it is acceptable for personal uses

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Don't ever uninstall, you will need a new license key. I asked for a new one, they told me to buy another copy


instead of asking new one, provide your current license key and ask them whether it is working or not

Well this USED TO be a good app.

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I've been a longtime user..The app has always had a few non serious stability issues, usually after an update there'd be another update to fix the bugs..But it did its job and was easy to use between those bugs happening, so I kept with it.

Recently I updated after a long period of not updating (because stability..) and suddenly not only do my usual activities require the pro version when they didn't before, but now the app crashes constantly. Stay away, this thing is garbage now.

To devs everywhere: If you are going to remove functionality, your product both better be rock solid and you have to warn people their "update" (actually a downgrade) is going to become feature limited for free users after version here.

Do not expect me to learn this outside of your update process.

Uninstalling now, this trash is unusable and I sure as hell am not buying pro just to keep watching it crash when other apps do this for free still.


You have raised a most valid concern. Wonder why all this hate?

I agree with you, Teo, but surprisingly, the "Helpful" button (to upvote) just doesn't show!?