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Excellent full-featured, multi-computer sticky notes application for Windows

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7 Sticky Notes is a very capable sticky notes application with extras such as alarms, auto backups, cross-computer synchronization, import/export capabilities, multiple folders (desktops), customized note appearance, and a recycle bin.

Its 'desktop' feature is a method to store groups of notes in their own 'desktop' (not to be confused with your computer's desktop). 7 Sticky Notes' desktops can be thought of as folders, each with their own group of sticky notes. You may display all the notes from one desktop, switch to viewing another desktop, or display all notes from all desktops

There is a built-in notes manager from which you can create, rename or delete desktops, and move notes from one desktop to another. The manager also supports importing and exporting notes to/from various formats, such as the apps' own import/export format (*.7sn extension), the apps' native database, or a text file.

Deleted notes can be recycled to and recovered from the application's own 'recycle bin' (accessible from the notes manager).

All desktops and notes are stored in a database on the local drive. The user may change the location of the database. There is a feature to automatically back up the database using one of several scheduling schemes, and save an arbitrary number of backup snapshots to disk.

Synchronizing of notes across multiple computers is possible, albeit in a rather unusual manner - it operates by storing a synchronization file on a cloud drive (e.g., google drive, dropbox, one drive, etc.) which is accessible from each computer. The user must be careful to not share the database file itself, but rather only the synchronization file. Otherwise it is possible to have one computer effectively wipe-out the notes created from another computer if the database file is stored on a cloud drive and both computers use this file as their own database. There are ample warnings about this, but nevertheless the novice user still might be tempted to share the database file via the cloud. The synchronization file is the only file that should be stored on a cloud drive and shared among different computers.

Overall, this is an excellent sticky notes app. I have identified only two deficiencies:

  1. I do not believe there is any capability to access the notes from a non-Windows computer. I have a need to access my notes from my mobile (android) device.

  2. I am not sure if the application is continuing to be improved, as the most recent release, as of the time of this review (Feb 2017), came out over 4 years ago (Jan 2013)

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