IMAP backup

  • imapsync

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    Console-based utility for migrating IMAP mailboxes.

    imapsync software is a command line tool allowing incremental and recursive imap transfers from one mailbox to another, both anywhere on the internet or in your local network.

    imapsync is useful for imap account migration or imap account backup.

    imapsync is not adequate for maintaining two active imap accounts in synchronization where the user plays independently on both sides.

    The Perl imapsync source code will run anywhere a Perl interpreter can run: any Unix, Linux, Windows, or Mac OS operating system.

    Buy latest imapsync Perl source code

    • standalone imapsync.exe for win32
    • standalone x86_elf binary for 35 USD


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  • OfflineIMAP

    Free Mac Linux BSD Website

    OfflineImap synchronizes email between an IMAP server and a MailDir or between two IMAP servers. It offers very powerful and flexible configuration options, that allow things such as the filtering of folders, transposing of names via static configuration or python scripting. It plays well with mutt and other MailDir consuming email clients.


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  • imapbox

    Free Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted Python Website

    Dump imap inbox to a local folder in a regular backupable format: html, json and attachements.


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  • isync (mbsync)

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    mbsync is a command line application which synchronizes mailboxes. New messages, message deletions and flag changes can be propagated both ways; the operation set can be selected in a fine-grained manner.


  • MailShelf Pro

    Commercial Windows Website

    MailShelf Pro is a professional email archiving solution that covers all important aspects of a secure and compliant long-term archiving of your emails and which also offers you many additional features.


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