Curated lists of tools

  • MkDocs

    Free Self-Hosted Python Website

    MkDocs is a fast, simple and downright gorgeous static site generator that's geared towards building project documentation. Documentation source files are written in Markdown, and configured with a single YAML configuration file.


  • Stackshare

    Free Web Website

    Learn about the tech stack behind some of the world's best software companies. See which tools and services they use, and how they're using them.


    Stackshare icon
  • JSter

    Free Web Website

    JSter is a community-driven catalog of the most useful javascript libraries. Find the right tool for a work and do it effectively. Based on Juho Vepsäläinen's JSWiki


    JSter icon
  • Leanpub

    Freemium Web Website

    Leanpub is the combination of two things: a powerful ebook and course writing platform, and an online storefront where you can buy our authors' ebooks and courses.


    Leanpub icon
  • Read The Docs

    Free Web Website

    Read the Docs hosts documentation for the open source community. It supports Sphinx docs written with reStructuredText, and can pull from your Subversion, Bazaar, Git, and Mercurial repositories. The code is open source, and available on github.

    The documentation for the site is organized into two different sections below. One is for users of, that is the first section. The next section is for users of the code that powers the site. All of the RTD code is open source, so you can run your own instance. Presumably in an internal install inside your company, or something.


    Read The Docs icon
  • Penflip

    Freemium Web Website

    Penflip is Github for writing: a platform for hosting, collaborating on, and publishing writing projects. Projects can be private or public.
    Types of projects include: textbooks, ebooks, novels, research papers, technical documentation and more.
    Collaboration is version controlled and asynchronous, built on top of Git, a version control system with mass adoption by developers.
    Content is written with markdown, then formatted and compiled into consumable formats (PDF, ePub, and Word) with one click.


  • DocFX

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    DocFX generates Documentation directly from source code (.NET, RESTful API, JavaScript, Java, etc...) and Markdown files.
    DocFX runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows. The generated website can be deployed to any web host with no additional configurations, e.g. Github Pages, Azure Websites...
    DocFX provides a flexible way to customize templates and themes easily.


    DocFX icon
  • Siftery

    Free Web Website

    Share products you use at work, explore what others are using.


    Siftery icon
  • hexo-theme-doc

    Free Mac Windows Linux npm Website

    hexo-theme-doc is a documentation theme for Hexo, the fast and powerful blog framework powered by Node.js. It differs from other Hexo themes by allowing you to present documentation—especially REST API documentation.

    Created by JavaScript/Node.js developers, hexo-theme-doc capitalizes on Hexo's extensibility and system of plugins for adding custom tags, customizing layouts, and processing multiple kinds of sources, which makes generating static websites simpler than other tools.

    hexo-theme-doc's features include:

    A clean and responsive layout
    Swagger integration
    Support for Swagger UI
    Ability to generate beautiful HTML API references (this feature is in beta phase).
    Simple, configurable navigation, including for Tables of Contents
    Google Analytics
    Customizable logo and favicon


    hexo-theme-doc icon

    Freemium Web Website monitors the requirements of your Python project and notify you whenever a dependency is outdated.


    Free Web Website is the missing hosted and automated API-Doc generation service for Javascript. By simplifying API-Doc setup it enables you to actually focus on writing documentation! automatically creates API-Doc for every tag and selected branches, supporting JSDoc comments and Markdown articles.

    Setup your repo in 3 minutes!

  • Freebies.ByPeople

    Free Web Website

    A professionally curated selection of commercial use resources and tools for designers and developers, conveniently collected and categorized in one place.


    Freebies.ByPeople icon
  • ReleaseBell

    Free Linux Self-Hosted Cloudron Website

    Stay on top of releases for repos you star on GitHub.


    ReleaseBell icon
  • Banditore

    Free Web Self-Hosted Website

    Banditore retrieves new releases from your GitHub starred repositories and put them in a RSS feed, just for you.



    Freemium Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Dependency Update Automation for npm, composer and docker made easy.
    Check your git repositories for vulnerabilities now!.

  • Open HUB

    Free Web Website

    Open HUB is an open source directory that anyone can edit. It features comprehensive metrics and analysis on thousands of open source projects.


    Open HUB icon
  • BookStack

    Free Linux Web Self-Hosted PHP Cloudron Website

    An open source knowledge management application that's focused on ease of use.


    BookStack icon

    Free Web Self-Hosted Website helps you to keep track of dependency updates by sending you automated pull requests whenever a new update comes out, directly to your GitHub repo.

    That makes it easier for you to see what has changed and if you need to take action or not.


  • Archbee

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Software as a Service (SaaS) Website

    Knowledge base for your team:

    • A powerful editor with classical text and special widgets like diagrams, Swagger, GraphQL, code editor, changelogs and more coming;
    • Your team’s content is organized in spaces with document trees and are deep searchable;
    • Modern UX, everything syncs in realtime;
    • Integrated to Slack for modern team workflows;

    Product docs for your customers:

    • Spaces are shareable publicly and can be customized with logos, custom links and themes, to your desires;
    • We can also host your spaces on your own domain with free SSL certificates, similarly to GitBook or;
    • Integrated to Google Analytics to monitor your traffic, and Intercom to chat to your customers right from your docs.


    Archbee icon
  • Couscous

    Free Self-Hosted Website

    Static website generator designed for documentation.
    Couscous turns Markdown documentation into beautiful websites. It's GitHub Pages on steroids.


    Couscous icon
  • Greenkeeper

    Free Personal Web GitHub Marketplace npm Website

    Greenkeeper automates your JavaScript dependency management:

    • never miss a dependency update
    • know immediately what changes were made and how relevant they are
    • know immediately if and how an update breaks your code

    Get secure, maintainable, up-to-date software with the minimum amount of hassle. Automate away the pain of npm dependency management with our friendly bot that sends real-time, informative, actionable updates so you can concentrate on actually building good software.

    Free for open source, fairly priced plans for solo developers and businesses, custom enterprise solutions.


    Greenkeeper icon
  • NewReleases

    Free Web Website

    Receive notifications for new version releases of projects from GitHub, GitLab, PyPI, Maven, Docker Hub, Bitbucket, Ruby Gems, Rust Cargo, Node.js NPM and Yarn and PHP Packagist.


    NewReleases icon
  • Orchid

    Free Self-Hosted Website

    Orchid is a general-purpose static site generator with a focus on extensibility, and aimed at developers looking to improve their technical documentation. Orchid was born out of a desire for better-looking Javadocs and frustration with how difficult is it to manage large Jekyll sites and keep it up-to-date with your code.

    Orchid supports a variety of plugins, including a wiki, static pages, blogs, and much more. It aims to have high compatibility with many of the existing static site generators, such as Jekyll, Gitbook, and Hugo, so that migration to Orchid is painless. And if you can't find a plugin to do what you need, Orchid provides an intuitive way to add your own private plugins and a rich API so you can make your site as beautiful and unique as an Orchid.


    • Plugin-driven Architecture
    • Multi-theme support
    • Admin interface to manage your content and gain deep insights into your build
    • Link to other Orchid sites
    • Powerful and flexible indexing, unique to Orchid
    • Fully replaces Jekyll, Gitbook, Javadocs, and more!


    Orchid icon
  • saber (staticgen)

    Free Linux Node.JS Website

    A framework for building modern static websites. - Well designed for documentation.

    Static Rendering. With Saber, static rendering with Vue.js is easier now than ever.
    Zero Setup. Automatic code splitting, file-system based routing, hot code reloading and built-in Markdown support.
    Bring Your Own Data. Build sites with the data you want: Pull data from headless CMS, SaaS services, APIs, your file-system, and more.
    Fully Extensible. With Saber's powerful APIs and plugin system, you can customize almost everything.


    saber (staticgen) icon
  • Jigsaw (Tighten)

    Free Self-Hosted PHP Website

    Jigsaw is a framework for rapidly building static sites using the same modern tooling that powers your web applications.


    Jigsaw (Tighten) icon

    Free Private Packagist Self-Hosted PHP Website is a documentation generator that uses a simple folder structure and Markdown files to create custom documentation on the fly. It helps you create great looking documentation in a developer friendly way.

  • ByPeople Premium

    Commercial Web Website

    Best deals on lifetime software & premium resources for startups, makers, designers & entrepreneurs.


    ByPeople Premium icon
  • Alternatifle

    Free Web Android Website

    Alternatifle, it is a website that offers you alternatives to everything you are looking for in the internet world.


    Alternatifle icon
  • David

    Free Web Website

    David gets you an overview of your project dependencies, the version you use and the latest available, so you can quickly see what's drifting. Then it's all boiled down into a badge showing the current status, which you can embed on your site.


    David icon
  • Growthparty

    Free Web Website

    A curated directory of tools and resources for your work, start-up or side hustle.


    Growthparty icon
  • SaaSHub

    Free Web Website

    The Useful SaaS Directory. Your first stop when looking for a new service to help you grow your business.


    SaaSHub icon

    Free Web Website is a grassroots website, that is trying to let people know about ethical and easy-to-use alternatives to well-known websites, apps and other software.

  • UX Tools

    Free Web Website

    Compare and Discover Tools for User Experience Design, including prototyping, collaboration, monitoring and testing.


    UX Tools icon
  • Docpress

    Free Linux JavaScript Node.JS npm Website

    Painless Markdown publishing
    Documentation website generator.
    Generates great websites from Markdown files.


  • wwwhere

    Free Web Website

    Curated list of tools and resources for people who make websites.


    wwwhere icon
  • Booktype

    Free Mac Linux Website

    Booktype helps you turn intellectual property into beautiful, professional books.


    Booktype icon
  • Top Best Alternatives

    Free Web Website

    Top Best Alternatives is a crowdsourced software recommendation and discovery engine. Top Best Alternatives lets you discover new and interesting alternatives to the software you love and hate.


    Top Best Alternatives icon
  • SkyDocs

    Free Mac Windows Linux Java Website

    SkyDocs is a software that takes your MarkDown files and build a complete website with some magic tricks !
    You can configure everything you want : themes, pages, menus, ...

    Features so far :

    • Lightweight
    • Cross-platform (you need Java)
    • Write your documentation in MarkDown
    • Use jtwig template engine
    • Host it anywhere : it's static !
    • Responsive and HTML5 valid theme provided
    • Generate a multi-language documentation
    • Fast building
    • Automatically minifies HTML, CSS and JS files in production mode.
    • A lot more !


    SkyDocs icon
  • Antora

    Free Mac Windows Linux Website

    A static site generator for creating documentation sites from AsciiDoc content aggregated from multiple repositories. Made by the creators of Asciidoctor.


    Antora icon
  • Reedsy

    Free Web Website

    Reedsy is a complete book publishing platform with an elegant, collaborative online editor.


    Reedsy icon

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