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  • Sellics icon


    Commercial Web Website

    Find the Most Profitable Products for Your Private Label Business with Just a Few Clicks.

    For Brands & FBA Private Label Sellers:

    • Product research
      Find profitable products to private label

    • Amazon SEO
      Optimize Amazon Keyword Rankings

    • Master Product Reviews
      React to feedback and improve your ratings

    • Spy on Competitors
      Track sales and moves from other sellers


  • AiHello Analytics for Amazon icon

    AiHello Analytics for Amazon

    Free Web Chrome Website

    Information about online ecommerce including Amazon. Get FBA estimates, estimated sales, predictions etc
    Research full statistics on your competitors’ sales on Amazon!

    Get Best Selling Ranks, monthly sales, profit and other information directly from amazon page. Use our machine learning backend with minimal ease to find your profit estimates for similar products, find Amazon fees, PPC keywords, forecast demand and more at the click of a button.

    Get BSR, estimated monthly sales, estimated total profit and other information with the click of a button.

    AiHello will help you make a decision about choosing the right product to sell based on the actual data, not gut feeling.

    You'll get a powerful tool to gather the following information:

    • monthly sales
    • monthly revenue
    • the FBA fees
    • profit calculator
    • BSR
    • the average rating and number of reviews
    • product trends

    Efficient & Free!

    Checkout for more details


  • AmazeOwl icon


    Free Mac OS X Windows Website


    -Huge PRODUCT DATABASE (paid) of high potential product ideas to accelerate your search.

    -TRACK MARKETS and spy on your competition

    -KEYWORD RANKING for multiple keywords and multiple competitors

    -LOAD EXTERNAL DATA from Google Trends, Merchant Words, and Alibaba to de-risk your investment.


  • Egrow icon


    Freemium Web Website

    Egrow is software for Amazon FBA sellers made for product research - Sign up Free at


  • Sellcaster

    Freemium Web Chrome Website

    1 click solution to monitor competitor inventory & sales, calculate FBA fees & profit. 100M+ asins on 11 Amazon websites. No access needed to your Sellercentral account

    Sellcaster is the only tool in the market which helps you do all these for free (daily limits apply)
    ? Estimate the overall demand for the product
    ? Ensure you know the FBA fees involved and calculate profitability
    ? Monitor the inventory levels of your competition and stock accordingly

    Sellcaster works on all 11 Amazon websites : US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Spain, Mexico, India, Japan & China. We do not need access to your credentials to sellercentral.

    How is Sellcaster different from other FBA calculators and Sales estimators?
    ? Fees, products, demand change constantly. Stale data can lead to significant loss, Sellcaster gives you real time data needed for decision-making.
    ? Pricing, sales rank, inventory levels and other Amazon data are extremely dynamic. Other tools work on point in time data whereas Sellcaster uses moving averages (for estimates) which results in an accurate forecast.
    ? Sellcaster learning algorithms provide accurate demand estimates as they learn from actual sales, inventory level, sales rank changes instead of pegging the estimate simply based on current sales rank.
    ? For sellers on Amazon European marketplaces, this is the only FBA calculator which includes VAT in profit calculation. Even Amazon’s official FBA calculator does not include VAT and overstates profit.
    ? Sellcaster shows all the info on a small window which you can use interactively, unlike other tools which bury info deep inside the page.


  • AMZPing icon


    Commercial Mac OS X Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    AMZPing helps Amazon Sellers track their daily sales and inventory. It also watches for new sellers that join your listings.
    You will find fun & useful dashboard widgets, like 'Record Units Sold in 1 Day' or 'Predicted Profit in the next 30 Days'. ... and, AMZPing sounds a Ka-Ching on every new sale!


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