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Apps with 'Terminal sharing' feature

  1. WebTTY allows you to share a terminal session from your machine using WebRTC. You can pair with a friend without setting up a proxy server, debug servers behind NATs, and more. WebTTY also works in-browser.

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  2. tmate is an instant terminal sharing software fork from tmux. Tmate can use as daemon, and you also can host your own server.


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    • Raspberry Pi

    Assist is a service for remote teams letting users instantly share their terminals from anywhere.

  4. warp is a secure and simple terminal sharing that lets you share your terminal with a simple "warp open" command. It's not a terminal client at this point, but simply multiplexes stdin/stdout to raw ptys between host and clients.


    The project seems no longer developed. Last version, 0.0.3, released in May 2017, can be still downloaded from GitHub.

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  5. Upterm is an open-sourced solution for sharing terminal sessions instantly over the public internet via SSH tunnels. It is good for

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