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Apps with 'Certificate-authority' feature

  1. Anyone who has gone through the trouble of setting up a secure website knows what a hassle getting and maintaining a certificate can be. Let’s Encrypt automates away the pain and lets site operators turn on and manage HTTPS with simple commands.

  2. X Certificate and Key management is an interface for managing asymetric keys like RSA or DSA. It is intended as a small CA for creation and signing certificates. It uses the OpenSSL library for the cryptographic operations.

  3. SambaBox is an integrated enterprise domain appliance which works flawlessly with Windows AD environment. SambaBox offers, Integrated DNS, DHCP, CA and SaltStack with web based management on hight secure environment.

  4. A first-class browsing experience for a decentralized internet built with web technologies and secured without third parties. Trustless HTTPS with native DANE support and a DNSSEC chain secured by a peer-to-peer light client.

  5. Guarantee online customer security with SSL certificates from GeoTrust. Purchase in bulk, manage multiple certificates & become your own Certificate Authority.

  6. The Dogtag Certificate System is an enterprise-class open source Certificate Authority (CA). It supports all aspects of certificate lifecycle management, including key archival, OCSP and smartcard management, and much more.