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  • Webix UI

    JavaScript Library / HTML5 UI framework for developers with SpreadSheet, Pivot, Kanban, FileManager, Scheduler, Datatable, TreeTable and etc. widgets.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone Chrome OS Android Tablet Windows Phone ... iPad Blackberry 10

  • Aurelia

    Aurelia is a JavaScript client framework that leverages simple conventions to empower your creativity.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web

  • Umbrella JS

    Intuitive and Documented It is strongly influenced by jquery with many similar methods so you'll feel at ease developing with Umbrella. However there are also some improvements such as with .ajax(), .append(), etc.


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    Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted


    Easily gather in-app user feedback, on websites, iOS apps, and Android apps. Doorbell integrates with your favourite project management systems, so you can easily create tasks in them based on user feedback.


    Freemium Web Android iPhone

  • Mocha

    Mocha is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on node.js and the browser, making asynchronous testing simple and fun.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • GroundworkCSS

    GroundworkCSS is a 100% free and open source responsive HTML5, CSS and JavaScript Framework.


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    Free Open Source Web Self-Hosted

  • DevExtreme

    DevExtreme is a commercial application framework made by DevExpress.


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    Free Personal $ $ $ Open Source Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad ... Kindle Fire

  • Ejscript

    Embedthis Ejscript™ is a simple, pre-integrated Javascript ES6 environment. It is efficient, compact and easy to embed. Ejscript has modules, classes, let-scoped variables as part of its ES6 support.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • $.uite HTML editor

    jQuery micro framework for HTML editing.


    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Windows Mobile iPhone Android Tablet

  • Yandex CDN

    Service hosts JavaScript libraries that provides site developers with access to the Yandex content delivery (CDN) and can handle a variety of open source JavaScript-frameworks and libraries from Yandex servers.


    Free Web

  • jKit

    A very easy to use, cross platform, jQuery based UI toolkit, that's still small in size, has the features you need, and doesn't get in your way of doing things ! jKit is framework js for easiest developpement like twitter...


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    Free Web jQuery

  • verlet-js

    An open source physics engine made for constructing 2D dynamic body simulations using Verlet iteration and written in JavaScript.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • Gijgo

    Gijgo is a set of free open source javascript widgets distributed under MIT License. All widgets are high performance and compatible with jQuery, jQuery UI, Bootstrap and Foundation.


    Free Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted jQuery

  • YUI

    YUI is a free, open source JavaScript and CSS library for building richly interactive web applications.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux

    • Discontinued Per website: "IMPORTANT: The YUI library is no longer actively maintained." See
  • Atoms.js

    Enterprise Grade JavaScript Web Components inspired from Flex and Silverlight with Data binding, multiple scopes and ready to use line of business components.


    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Android iPhone iPad

  • Ampersand.js

    A highly modular, loosely coupled, non-frameworky framework for building advanced JavaScript apps. Ampersand is similar to Backbone.js (lightweigt and simple) and shares lots of its APIs.


    Free Open Source Web

  • Kube Web Framework

    Kube is one of the world's most advanced and flexible frameworks. Kube helps you spend less time on routine tasks and more time creating amazing products. Focus on success, and Kube will cover the technology behind it.


    Free Open Source Web

  • Cx

    Cx is a fully fledged UI framework for developing admin and dashboard web applications. It offers a rich set of widgets, charts, advanced data-binding features and much more.


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    Commercial Mac Windows Linux Android Tablet iPad GitHub

  • DreamSpaceJS/.NET

    DreamSpaceJS/.NET is primarily a JavaScript based solution for client AND server development, much like NodeJS. It's goal is to be an HTML5/JavaScript based alternative to using Flash/Silverlight as development environments.


    Free Open Source Windows Linux

  • Bliss JS

    No lock-in, no wrapper objects Designed to work with Vanilla JS, not replace it.


    Free Open Source Web

  • jMediaelement

    A jQuery multimedia framework / video player.


    Free Open Source Self-Hosted GitHub jQuery

  • Kado

    Build professional websites easily with Kado, a Node.JS NPM module backed by SQL based on a modular design and extensible framework, Kado caters to website creators of all skill levels.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web Chrome OS Self-Hosted

  • Beyond

    Beyond Studio is a complete SAAS tool to accelerate the conception of API and backoffice. Check project with a real time preview and download it in any framework like #AngularJS #ExpressJS.


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    Freemium Web

  • Web Atoms

    JavaScript UI Framework & UI Controls with Binding and Templates for Every Device - TV, Mobile, Tablets and Computers !!!


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    Commercial Mac Windows Linux