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  • SQL Multi Script by RedGate

    SQL Multi Script lets you execute multiple scripts against multiple SQL Servers quickly and easily.


    Commercial Windows Microsoft SQL Server

  • Red Gate Sql Compare

    SQL Compare, by Red Gate Software, compares and synchronizes SQL Server databases, automates comparisons, and helps you manage database versioning issues


    Red Gate Sql Compare icon

    Commercial Windows

  • SQL Doc by Red Gate

    Document your databases automatically.


    SQL Doc by Red Gate icon

    Commercial Windows

  • RedGate SQL Monitor

    Alerting – Discover issues before they have an impact Diagnosis – Uncover obstacles and find root causes Performance – See what has the biggest impact on your system Overview – View your SQL Server estate at a glance Reporting – Share...


    Commercial Windows

  • .NET Reflector

    Look inside any .NET code Debug your application Follow bugs through your application to see where the problem is – your own code, third-party libraries, or components used by your application.


    .NET Reflector icon

    Commercial $ $ $ Windows .NET Framework

  • ANTS Performance Profiler

    Speed up the performance of your application with ANTS Performance Profiler, for .NET code analysis. Identify performance hotspots and optimize .NET application performance. Drill down to slow lines of code with line-level code timings.


    ANTS Performance Profiler icon

    Commercial Windows

  • SQL Data Compare

    SQL Data Compare is used for automating data migrations, analyzing corrupted data, restoring row-level data from backups and compiling audit trails of missing or changed data.


    Commercial Windows

  • SQL Prompt

    SQL Prompt Pro strips away the repetition of coding by making writing, formatting, and refactoring SQL effortless.


    SQL Prompt icon

    Commercial Windows SQL Server Management Studio Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Smartassembly

    SmartAssembly offers an error reporting mechanism that provides you with a complete state of your program whenever it crashes. You get a full stack trace, along with the values of all variables when the crash happened.


    Smartassembly icon

    Commercial Windows

  • SQL Source Control

    Source control schemas and reference data, roll back changes, and maintain the referential integrity of your database. Solve other database challenges like deploying without losing data.


    SQL Source Control icon

    Commercial Windows

  • ANTS Memory Profiler

    ANTS Memory Profiler is a .NET memory profiler for finding memory leaks and optimizing the memory usage of .NET applications written in C# or VB.NET.


    ANTS Memory Profiler icon

    Commercial Windows

  • SQL Index Manager

    SQL Index Manager lets you quickly and easily find out the status of your indexes and discover which databases need maintenance. You can do maintenance through the UI, or generate a T-SQL script to run in SQL Server Management Studio.


    Commercial Windows

  • ExpressProfiler

    ExpressProfiler (aka SqlExpress Profiler) is a simple and fast replacement for SQL Server Profiler with basic GUI and integration with Red Gate Ecosystem project.


    ExpressProfiler icon

    Free Open Source Windows

  • shootShifter

    shootShifter helps to redate and rename complete folders of images based on the EXIF-data or finder-dates. With the preview-timeline its quite easy to synchronize several folders that were taken with differing camera-dates.


    shootShifter icon

    Commercial Mac