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  • Calculator

    Calculator provides simple and advanced mathematical functions in a beautifully designed app.


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    Free Web Android Chrome OS Android Tablet Android Wear

  • Windows Calculator

    A simple yet powerful calculator that includes standard, scientific, and programmer modes, as well as a unit converter.


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    Free Open Source Windows

  • Calculator

    The built in Calculator on the iPhone. Calculator is two calculators in one: rotate it to landscape to transform it from basic to scientific.


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    Free iPhone iPad

  • Calculator++

    A multipurpose calculator app with slick and intuitive user interface. Access additional features from the main screen of the app using gestures. It has a big variety of built-in functions and supports adding new user-defined functions.


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    Free Open Source Android Android Tablet

  • Calculator

    The calculator for Android can handle general/scientific calculations easily. Ads-free and free! .


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    Free Android

  • Zero Cool Calculator+ (Hide photos & videos)

    Secret Calculator hides your photos & videos behind a working calculator. Everyone will think this app is just an ordinary calculator.


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    Freemium $ $ $ iPhone iPad

    • Discontinued
      The app is no longer available on the Appstore
  • Calculator+

    Calculator+ is an iPhone / iPad calculator designed with simplicity, usability, and beauty in mind...


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    Freemium iPhone iPad

    • Discontinued
      The official website is no longer available. The app is still on the AppStore, but it's reportedly not working anymore after the iOS 14.5 update
  • Calculator

    Calculator App provides you advanced mathematical functions in an amazing designed app.


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    Free Android

  • RealCalc Scientific Calculator

    RealCalc Scientific Calculator Android's #1 Scientific Calculator. A fully featured scientific calculator which looks and operates like the real thing.


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    Freemium Android

  • GNOME Calculator

    Calculator for the GNOME Desktop Environment, formerly known as gcalc (and gcalctool CLI).


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    Free Open Source Linux GNOME

  • Tools & Calculators

    Explore Income Tax, GST, TDS tools & calculators to help you stay on top of your finances with Quicko.


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    Free Web Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Console Calculator

    Console Calculator is a powerful calculator with a simple console interface. This calculator supports many built-in mathematical functions, remembers recent entries, supports creation of user defined variables and custom functions.


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    Freemium Mac Windows

  • Microsoft Calculator Plus

    When the Windows operating system is installed on your computer, a simple calculator program that you can use to perform standard mathematical functions also gets installed.


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    Free Windows

    • Discontinued
      Link is dead, app is not searchable
  • Omni Calculator

    Omni Calculator is a web/mobile calculator that solves concrete problems such as mortgage payment, gross margin, body mass index, break-even point, etc.


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    Free Web Android iPhone iPad

  • Precise Calculator

    Programmable scientific calculator which has more than 150 mathematical functions and all of them return as many digits as you need. It can calculate with real numbers, complex numbers, fractions, vectors, matrices.


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    Free Open Source Windows

  • BMI Calculator

    A simple yet fully-featured BMI Calculator. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a method used to measure health risks based on height and weight.


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    Free Web

  • Arithmate Pro Calculator

    A modern, scientific calculator that is easy to use. While other calculators display only one number at a time, this one shows you the whole expression you are inputting, leading to a much more user friendly experience.


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    Commercial Android

  • Calorie Calculator

    Calorie Calculator is based on the Mifflin - St Jeor equation because is the most accurate.


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    Commercial Mac

  • MyScript Calculator

    With MyScript Calculator, perform mathematical operations naturally using your handwriting.


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    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • Moffsoft FreeCalc

    Moffsoft FreeCalc is the ideal replacement for your standard Windows calculator - with adjustable size, visible memory value and digit groupings, this free calculator software is a simple and intuitive tool.


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    Freemium Windows

  • Six Sigma Calculator

    A simple Six Sigma Calculator Firefox and Opera Add-on to calculate the DPM value.


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    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web Opera Firefox

  • Simple Calculator

    A calculator with the basic functions and a customizable widget. You can copy the result or formula to clipboard by long pressing it.


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    Free Open Source Android Android Tablet F-Droid

  • Calculator N+

    Power calculator for Android. Has Calculus, Algebra, 2D/3D Graphing and other features.


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    Free Open Source Android

  • BMI-Calculator

    Our calculator provides BMI and the corresponding BMI weight status category. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a person's weight and height.


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    Commercial $ $ $ Mac

  • FBA Calculator

    FBA Calculator allows you to know FBA Fees in one click without leaving current product page absoletely free! It works for Amazon US, UK, CA, MX, DE, IT, ES, FR and IN. Just enter to a product page and click the extension button!.


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    Free Mac Windows Linux Web Chrome OS