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Do yourself a favor...

about Sumatra PDF · · 3 Helpful

Even when it may have a somewhat unpleasant aesthetic, it is fast and very light. This marvel is an essential part of the Freeware / OpenSource suite of applications that I always install and use on my PC.

Do yourself a favor, forget about other programs like Adobe Reader, etc.


Sumatra PDF

about Sumatra PDF · · 2 Helpful

I used adobe reader, Foxit reader
but for me Sumatra PDF is the quickest software (hopefully I found it)


No subpixel rendering

Comment by alexander_rednax
about Sumatra PDF and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC · Jan 2016 ·

Sadly, it's 2016 and SumatraPDF still cannot render texts properly.
Although it is the fastest & smallest & most stable reader for windows that I've known, for reading large amounts of text without eyebleeding I'd choose Adobe Reader.

Feel free to contribute a patch or fork it!


The winner

about Sumatra PDF · · 1 Helpful

Been using Sumatra for several years now. Light on it's toes, super fast and free of spamware crap and bloat unlike Adobe and Foxit. I love that it can also view EPUB, MOBI, DJVU, and other formats as well.

I wish Sumatra had more options. The options page is quite sparse, even for that being its intent.

Btw, you can get Sumatra from Ninite for easy DIY updates.

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about Sumatra PDF and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC , Foxit Reader · · 1 Helpful

I tried Adobe's reader, Foxit, and Sumatra.

Sumatra is the best. Sumatra all the way.


The fastest!

about Sumatra PDF · · 1 Helpful

The best so far. I really can't stress that enough.


Simple and fast

about Sumatra PDF and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC , Foxit Reader · · 1 Helpful
  • opens and works lightning fast, really fast

    After using Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader I couldn't at first believe it was possible to open files that quick. I think that sometimes paint.exe and notepad.exe take longer to open than pdf documents in sumatraPdf. :D

  • ultrabright yellow background color

    Luckily, the author's strange color choice can be modified under 'Settings'->'Advanced Options...'

Why so little points? I usually use pdf readers for the very basic pdf and djvu viewing so this program is even too great for me.
Before it I used Adobe Reader (which is slow in everything) and free version of Foxit reader (which "shouted" "buy me!" all the time and was quite slow too).

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Handles EPUB and MOBI just as good as PDF

about Sumatra PDF · · 1 Helpful

I'm very happy that I discovered SumatraPDF a while back. Fast, lightweight, stable, and with nice design. And, despite its title, this app Handles EPUB and MOBI almost just as good as PDF from my experience. The only drawback I've discovered is inability to select text in EPUB/MOBI (SumatraPDF v2.4), but colors and type can be customized in advanced settings.



about Sumatra PDF · · 1 Helpful

Better than the heavy Adobe PDF.


Great Program

about Sumatra PDF · · 1 Helpful

Very quick, never had a problem, exactly what I want in a PDF viewer, updates rarely and when it does its a very smooth process. Only complaint would be that the bright yellow home screen is a little jarring, but what does that matter.

You can actually change the color, I wonder why the author chose it to be so in the first place.


The only reader you'll ever need

about Sumatra PDF · ·

There isn't a PDF reader that even comes close to this. Plus the fact that it reads Kindle and Nook formats, plus both cbz and cbr formats makes it superior to several other readers out there.

Download this as soon as you can. You'll feel better.


This is what you need

Light, simple & you can view pdf's. What more do you want? Waste precious memory? :P


Great viewer

about Sumatra PDF · ·

Great fast PDF viewer, minimalist approach. Efficient use of space. No toolbars. Fast.
But NO note taking capabilities, no image extraction.


free, lightweight

about Sumatra PDF and Foxit Reader · ·

used to use foxit, now I use this. It's better. Lightweight. clean. Doesn't have the stupid theme like foxit (it integrates better with your OS).