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Positive Comment by Anamon
about Mozilla Firefox Jan 2017

As of version 50, mainline Firefox seems to have started rolling out its multi-process architecture, which separates the user interface from tabs, similarly to what Chrome is doing. And it had a very noticeable effect on performance and memory consumption!

It used to be that Firefox never ever seemed to free any memory at all. It just got progressively more bloated and sluggish the longer you used it, particularly if you worked with many tabs. That just kept continuing up to the point where it reached the memory limit for 32-bit processes, and crash. I had to restart Firefox several times a day for years because of this. Manual garbage collection helped a bit, but not always. (And yes, this was for vanilla Firefox installations, and not the fault of any extensions).

Anybody who occasionally uses Facebook will know how that website, with its overabundance of scripts, will completely destroy every browser's performance. From Firefox to Chrome, Opera, Safari, Vivaldi, IE, to Edge, all of them will start to become stuttering, sluggish memory monsters after browsing Facebook for a few minutes; octacore processor and 32GB RAM be damned. The problem with Firefox used to be that, in contrast to most other browsers, it never recovered from this, even after all Facebook tabs were closed. It remained sluggish and bloated until the application was restarted.

Thus my surprise and delight at closing a Facebook tab recently and noticing Firefox suddenly reacting more quickly again. A quick glance at the task manager confirmed that Firefox was running across several processes now, and a single page or tab can't mess things up permanently anymore.


el mejor navegador web de codigo abierto!

Positive Comment by jaivark
about Mozilla Firefox Nov 2016



Better but slower than Chrome 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by blejd
about Mozilla Firefox Nov 2016

More features than Chrome, better extensions, more advanced dev tools and smaller memory footprint, but sadly, it's also significantly slower. Still, it's a great alternative.


Push Notification Not Working

Negative Comment by Shojimeguro
about Mozilla Firefox Oct 2016

One of important features in web browser is notification

so when i close tab, i still able to receive notification on my favourite website but this features are not working in firefox
i google how to fix this but it seems this feature doesn't really discussed in firefox
so i finally switch to google chrome which push notification are working perfectly

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not that good

Comment by micapresser94
about Mozilla Firefox Sep 2016

for me, mozila have a lot of issues that make the app really complicated to use. I use chrome with no problem at all


Issues with Mozilla

Comment by info123456789101112131415
about Mozilla Firefox Sep 2016

I got feedback from some users who say that when they visit my website using the Mozilla Firefox browser things are not being displayed correctly. Why is this?



Comment by saloma
about Mozilla Firefox Sep 2016

thank you for this


not my favorite

Comment by louisbeckler784
about Mozilla Firefox Sep 2016

I have used this browser several times, it is definitely not my favorite but it's ok, I prefer chrome though


After the latest update...

Negative Comment by soulrain
about Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Aug 2016

it became more control freakish than Microsoft (not even advanced users can run now older extensions "unsigned"). Considering that most worthwhile extensions are now on Chrome I made the transition yesterday. It will take a bit to get accustomed to but I had enough of the sad bloatware that had become Firefox.


a comment

Comment by 11009723
about Mozilla Firefox Jul 2016

I use Firefox everyday , and I really like it


My browser number two

Positive Comment by mickeyoneil
about Mozilla Firefox May 2016

Use it mostly because of some helpful add-ons, which Chrome unfortunately doesn't have. Pretty speedy and simple.


A superb browser that's Open Source and reliable.

Positive Comment by DzSW
about Mozilla Firefox Apr 2016

Firefox has been my go to browser for years. Although I disagree with some aspects like them integrating Pocket and a couple of GUI changes, I still find it to be the best browser out there for a number of reasons. I won't touch Chrome due to Google's privacy stance. Firefox all the way for me. Reliable, great addons, Open Source, Multi platform. Top notch.


don't like it -2 Helpful

Comment by ParisFitts
about Mozilla Firefox Jan 2016

some pages just won't work here, i really prefer chrome


CoolPreview Alternative for Firefox

Negative Comment by Wicson
about Mozilla Firefox Dec 2015

I've come to enjoy CoolPreview a lot helps me in almost all web pages that I've visited.
Instead of opening a link in a new window or tab and then come to find out that the information was not helpful, Coolpreview has been helping to take a bird's eye view prior to opening the web page and learn to see if the information is needed or not.
I discovered that firefox browser update does not support the current coolpreview add-on.
I was hoping you could direct me to a download page for download where I could find a compatible version of coolpreview that would work with the latest firefox update.
Firefox have introduced a security in their web browser that disable or rendered coolpreview in-operable. Could you please inform me on how I can find a letest version of coolpreview that would work with latest firefox update.
I really do appreciate your add-on, better than any other add-on that I've used.
If there's none at the moment, could you please develop a compatible one for the latest firefox's update.
Thank you in advance of your help and support. You're the best!!!