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Positive Comment by johnbarness
about RightNote Feb 2016

Thank you for great program for making notes!
The one really makes my life easier when at work! I have to work a lot with various amount of tasks and Rightnote memorize all of them easily. By the way I heard that virtual data rooms like [Ideals]( ) are ready to replace traditional data rooms in order to improve business processes.


RN is the best note-taking application

Positive Comment by victordrastik
about RightNote Aug 2015

Keynote was the best note-taking application I ever used, and RightNote has everything Keynote had plus much more. It is fast, reliable, updated frequently and can easily store vast amounts of text. Works flawlessly with all modern versions of Windows.


Nothing better or more powerful

Positive Comment by westman0603
about RightNote Jul 2015

I am a power user for over a year. My databases are large. rightnote scales well with no maximum note file (*.rnt) database size I've seen and I'm well past the developers recommendation. I've used latest Onenote, evernote (not really comparable) treepad, many others, this is clearly the best for me. I use it for technical notes and personal notes and journaling.


Made our lives easier and more effective

Positive Comment by SteveDee
about RightNote Jun 2015

We dont like RightNote, we LOVE it. All of these years using patched together systems to track all of the info going through a professional firm, and RightNote puts it in one, simple place! Thank you!!!


Exclent Application for cross platform

Positive Comment by ddpicard
about RightNote Jun 2015

I have been using RightNote since 2009 and love it. I am a linux user and RightNote works perfectly with every version of WINE I have used.


Rightnote is excellent

Comment by robertschwartz
about RightNote Jun 2015

I'm a long-term user of MyBase note-taking program. I tried the trial of Rightnote and decided to switch. It's ability to link external files in the program and to capture web sites with the URL makes it a good tool for my work.


RightNote Pro

Positive Comment by asokap
about RightNote Jun 2015

I have been a fan of outliners in one form or another for at least 20 years. My old favorite was Ecco, simply because there wasn't anything that was really comparable to it.

Since that time I've worked with several other note-taker / information manager products, and have accumulated pretty good lists of likes, dislikes, and deficiencies for all of them.

I've been seriously working with RightNote Pro for a couple of weeks now and am finding that the overall interface is just about the best possible solution for me. The combination of the outline tree on the left and page tabs on top provides me excellent flexibility and speed while having to open only one file to contain all my information. Finally, it has the least amount of "dislikes" on my list.

It's pretty light-weight (doesn't take up a lot of system resources) but still has ample capability for what I want to do. The FAQ's list a recommended max database size of around 300 MB, which is adequate for me and should be more than ample for most users. My only wish is that I could sorted lists in the text side of RightNote as I can today with Ecco and Notepad++. Perhaps that will come in a future release. (Hint, hint!)

If you want an easy-to-use information manager that you won't outgrow over time, I recommend this highly.


Very useful program

Positive Comment by erbjacob
about RightNote Jun 2015

Since I began to use RightNote, I found it very interesting. Very flexible and powerfull. I don't know if it's the best, but it's very good.


I use it daily and won't live without it 1 Helpful

Comment by dugsbunny
about RightNote Jun 2015

I've used RightNote for about three years now, and prior to starting with the app, I tried many alternatives, including some of the apps listed on RightNote offers the most complete suite of features without drowning me in a cluttered interface, and it even offers automated bug reporting in case of a crash (it happens but not often), and it offers the choice to continue the app or restart the app automatically. I especially like the web clipping feature where I can save a web page link into a note page just by pressing CNTRL-F7. I have been able to reduce digital clutter, and desktop paper by organizing all my personal files, notes, records, PDFs, and whatnot into RightNote. A while back, when I seriously contemplated leaving Windows and using Linux, the deal-breaker was the absence of a RightNote alternative that was Linux-compatible. I stay with Windows because RightNote is so good I refuse to live without it.


"RightNote" Is The Tool EVERYONE Should Have!

Positive Comment by kkanalz
about RightNote and Stickies Jun 2015

I don't know how I've done without RightNote for so long! Like others, I tried "Stickies" only to find that after creating five or six "Notes To Myself", the Stickies became disorganized and not easily managed beyond those five or six.

With RightNote, those problems are gone forever and I can generate as many "Notes To Self" and retrieve any of them quickly and easily; I can add to them, delete them (when a task is completed, for instance), copy them to a Word document, and so on.

As I said earlier, I don't know how I got along without RightNote before now! I'd rate it as eleven stars out of ten, Gangue!


RightNote is essential

Positive Comment by brucecaithness
about RightNote Jun 2015

This is by far the most important note saving and editing program in my arsenal. I love the tagging and search functions. I cannot think of a better aid for storing research and blogging notes. 5 star out of 5, or 10 out of 10.



Positive Comment by robertogonzalezastobiza
about RightNote Jun 2015

Very flexible and powerfull. The best.


Excellent Software

Positive Comment by ericgooch58
about RightNote Jun 2015

I've tried a ton of different "information management" programs, and RightNote is the one I chose. I've been using it for a year or two now, and couldn't be happier. It's been very stable, has a ton of options, has a great look to it, and I've found I prefer the "tree based" organization system over others.

Give it a try if you're looking for a good way to handle all your personal and business info!


Very good. Affordable.

Positive Comment by Desconhecido
about RightNote Jun 2015

I was pleased to acquire a license for Rightnote. Its portable version was essential, as I could not install any program in my work computer (and running portable apps did not violate any internal rule).It was also affordable, which is important as I hail from a bankrupt, badly administered third world country. Of course, there is room for improvement (wiki-like tagging and generation of search results come to mind), but it does not detract to the final product they currently have.