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Not a good Mac experience.

about RedNotebook and TagSpaces, WineBottler, Turtl · · 2 Helpful

Just to be clear, this app runs on Mac, but here's what you have to do:

The Mac version of RedNote 1.8.0 comes as 300 MB .zip achive. That extracts to a folder of 655.7 MB. So that's 1GB of stuff already. In there is a gigantic .app file and a tiny text file with some instructions on how to get it all going. These run as follows: Since the app won't run without rusty crutches, you must install Winebottler (140 MB) and Wine (343 MB). So that's 1.5 GB so far. Next, you should download the .exe file of RedNoteBook (only 24MB!). Then you have to open Winebottler, go to the Advanced tab, and select the .exe. The instructions say you then should click "include" and and "install". Your Macbook then overheats for about 5 minutes. As Windows 3.1-esque options arrive, you should agree to everything, apparently. Eventually, a new .app file is created which is 783 MB in size. (Up till now, this user-friendly experience has cost you about 2.3 GB of disk space - for a note taking app!) You then have to right click the originally downloaded .app file (not the one you just made) and select 'Open' and watch the icon bounce up and down for ages. Finally, after this laborious rigmarole... it opens! ... And you get a basic note-taking app based around calendar entries. It's a calendar, basically. But you can write notes in markdown for each day. Oh, and it looks like a potato because it's running through Wine on a retina display. (The aesthetic equivalent of looking at the Mona Lisa through the bottom of a dirty jam jar. At dusk.)

I honestly can't imagine a single person out there uses the Mac "version" with any regularity or dedication. The Linux and Windows versions might be perfectly respectable, so please don't take this as a comment about those.

For an open-source, truly cross-platform (Win, Mac, Linux, Android), local note taking with tagging, I haven't found anything better than TagSpaces and Turtl. In Tagspaces you can create, manage, tag, search files therein. And nothing stops you form syncing it using the service of your choice. Notes can be smart-tagged (e.g. with #today or #yesterday) which automatically adds the appropriate date. (Although you can add any date). Turtl supports markdown-based notes, tagging, basic file attachments... all in a Window, Mac or Linux client which uses end-to-end encryption to store and sync your notes across computers in a way that is unreadable to everyone including the app developer(s). I have high hopes for Turtl in particular and I hope you like it enough to use it and contribute.


Needs an Android app to go along with it

Comment by nickloussparks
about RedNotebook · Nov 2016 ·

I love this app. Its perfect for tracking what I do at work but I would love it even more if I could get it via Andoird app and sync the notes via dropbox..

Any suggestions?


If encryption is an issue, use encryption tools

Comment by CallumA
about RedNotebook and TrueCrypt · Jul 2013 · 1 Helpful

RedNotebook stores your journal in a directory, in plain text. If you're concerned about someone gaining physical access to your computer, figuring out your passphrase (you have set a passphrase rather than just a weak password, haven't you?) and then finding your private journal, there are some very good encryption tools available for free. I'd recommend TrueCrypt, which basically simulates an extra hard drive that can only be accessed by a passphrase. Hope you all find this information helpful. :)


mediocre at everything

about RedNotebook · ·

This app is nice enough but they need to figure out their niche. Right now Evernote is better for note taking, and as a private journal/diary application this is useless because no encryption, like someone said earlier. So choose another app if you want that. This app is a perfect example of me-too-ware that wants to be everything and therefore is nothing


Yes there should be hooks to encryption

about RedNotebook · ·

but not built in

You can of course just use whatever encryption tool you like on the data folder.

Rednotebook's beauty is the fact that its data store is simple text files formatted with the minimal markup standards YAML for structure and txt2tags for inline formatting (my favorite, as opposed to the "markdown" syntax used here).

This allows for integration with other specialized text-based tools (gtd/to-do's, calendar, reference docs etc) and assurance you'll never need to "export" or convert the data itself.


Lack of encryption or even a password on a personal diary/j ...

Comment by Ravi
about RedNotebook · Jun 2011 ·

Lack of encryption or even a password on a personal diary/journal is a deal breaker. Might as well use a paper diary then. Encryption is possible on Linux at least, through encrypting folders, using PGP key etc, But even relatively simple and minimalist alternatives like Almanah and Lifeograph come with encryption, so why would one bother with RedNotebook at all?


Kinda promising diary/journal app, worth a try. User interf ...

Comment by Guilap
about RedNotebook · Jun 2011 ·

Kinda promising diary/journal app, worth a try. User interface is a little confusing at first though.


cloud like searching. notes separated by ------------------ ...

Comment by dbojan
about RedNotebook · Jun 2011 ·

cloud like searching. notes separated by ------------------ lines.