Alternatives to Zim for all platforms with any license

  • Evernote icon


    Evernote is a cross-platform, freemium app designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving. The app allows users to create a "note" which can be a piece of formatted text, a full webpage or webpage excerpt, a...

    Freemium Mac Windows Web / Cloud Android iPhone Blackberry ... Windows RT Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Apple Watch Android Wear Kindle Fire Pebble

  • Simplenote icon


    Simplenote is an easy way to keep notes, lists, ideas, and more. Your notes stay updated across all your devices. No buttons to press. It just works. Your notes are synced across your devices when you create, add to or change them. ...

    Free Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Kindle Fire

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  • DokuWiki icon


    DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use Wiki, mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind. It is targeted at developer teams, workgroups and small companies. It has a simple but powerful syntax which makes sure the...

    Open Source Self-Hosted

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  • Tomboy icon


    Have you ever felt the frustration at not being able to locate a website you wanted to check out, or find an email you found interesting, or remember an idea about the direction of the political landscape in post-industrial Australia?...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD

  • CherryTree icon


    A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single xml or sqlite file. The following languages are supported: Chinese Simplified (Channing Wong, up to date) Czech (Pavel...

    Open Source Windows Linux

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  • wikidPad icon


    wikidPad is a Wiki-like notebook for storing your thoughts, ideas, todo lists, contacts, or anything else you can think of to write down. What makes wikidPad different from other notepad applications is the ease with which you can...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD

    • Easier to use and install. Simple Program. Concentrates on the main functions. Guest • Dec 2016 Disagree   Agree
  • Notezilla icon


    Colorful & powerful sticky notes app for Windows & Phones. Set reminder alarms, attach them to any website or document, organize them using folders/tags, sync sticky notes between devices & send notes across LAN or to any...

    Commercial Windows Web / Cloud Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

  • NixNote icon


    NixNote, formerly Nevernote, is an open source client for Evernote . It is written in Java so it will also run on Windows & OS-X, but the primary focus has been to try and get a usable environment for Linux. Features ...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

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  • DEVONthink icon


    Meet DEVONthink — designed to manage and keep in order all those disparate pieces of information so important to your work or studies. As you become more experienced with DEVONthink and its easy, intuitive interface you will quickly...

    Commercial Mac

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  • KeepNote icon


    KeepNote: note-taking and organization. KeepNote is a note taking application that works on Windows, Linux, and MacOS X. With KeepNote, you can store your class notes, TODO lists, research notes, journal entries, paper outlines...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

    • Discontinued No new releases since March 2012, but last version, 0.7.8, is still working and can be downloaded from the official website.
  • Notational Velocity icon

    Notational Velocity

    Notational Velocity is a mouseless application for storing and retrieving notes. With Notational Velocity, searching for notes is not a separate action; rather, it is the primary interface. Searching encompasses all notes content...

    Open Source Mac

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  • Leanote icon


    Leanote is an open source cloud notebook. Everyone familiar with Golang and mongodb are welcome to contribute code to it! Leanote provide services for note and blog. You can use "note" as your personal notebook, if you want...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud Self-Hosted

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  • Piggydb icon


    Piggydb is a Web notebook application that provides you with a platform to build your knowledge personally or collaboratively. With Piggydb, you can create highly structured content by connecting knowledge fragments to each other to...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Self-Hosted

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  • MyTetra icon


    MyTetra is open source and cross platform personal manager for information accumulation. It is powerful program for data memorization and structuring notes. .

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

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  • Oinker icon


    Oinker looks like a plain chat program on the surface, but it allows you to save the specified messages (called ‘oinks’ in Oinker) on the spot, and more importantly, it allows you to connect the messages in an infinite number of ways...

    Free Web / Cloud

  • nvPY icon


    nvPY is a note-taking tool inspired by Notational Velocity, nvALT and ResophNotes. It syncs with simplenote, and runs on Linux, Windows and OSX.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

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  • Gruik icon


    Well, Gruik is for you if... - You take a lot of notes (post-it, gists, evernote, blog entries, .txt on your desktop (Oh you know what I mean)...) - You want to "Bring You Own Server" (later, a free hosted version will...

    Open Source Web / Cloud Self-Hosted

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  • AllMyNotes Organizer icon

    AllMyNotes Organizer

    AllMyNotes Organizer is a multi-functional hierarchical information manager for Windows. Store all your Notes in virtual folders in one file! Everyone is unique so AllMyNotes Organizer offers freedom of individualizing your...

    Freemium Windows

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  • BasKet icon


    A note taking application for KDE. Lots of features. This multi-purpose note-taking application helps you to: * Easily take all sort of notes * Collect research results and share them * Centralize your project data and...

    Open Source Linux BSD

  • Zoho Notebook icon

    Zoho Notebook

    Online Notebook application: Zoho Notebook lets you combine text, images, audio, video, RSS feeds, documents and much more. Online Collaboration: You can share a single image or selection of text from a page rather than the whole...

    Free Personal Mac Web / Cloud Android iPhone Apple Watch

  • TreePad icon


    A free and lightweight outliner, only 465KB in size. It allows you to store all your notes, emails, texts, hyperlinks, etc. into one or multiple plain-text databases. With the look and feel of the familiar Windows Explorer, editing...

    Free Personal Windows Linux Raspberry Pi

  • Fetchnotes icon


    Fetchnotes helps you capture and organize short notes like books to read, ideas and shopping lists - like sticky notes for the modern age. Spend less time organizing your notes and more time acting on them! With apps on the web...

    Free Web / Cloud Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Chrome

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  • Magpie icon


    magpie - Git-backed Evernote replacement Magpie is an attempt to make a reasonably sufficient Evernote replacement where the users control their data. Basically, magpie is just a web tool for managing text files in a git repo....

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web / Cloud

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    • Discontinued This project is both discontinued and dangerous: "Magpie is no longer under active development. There has been a `disclosure`_ of a bug that exposes the entire filesystem through Magpie."
  • OutWiker icon


    Outwiker - Personal wiki and outliner License: GPL 3 EN: OutWiker is designed to store notes in a tree. Such programs are called "outliner", personal wiki, or tree-like editors. OutWiker's main difference from...

    Open Source Windows Linux

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  • TreeDBNotes icon


    TreeDBNotes is a powerful and easy-to-use personal database program, Word Processor with Tree Structure. User interface in 21 languages available. Features: Search, Replace, Case options, Insert file/ link/ image/ time/ date/...

    Freemium Windows

Zim Comments

Privacy tip: Use Zim with Cryptomator

Positive Comment by JohnFastman
about Zim and Tresorit, Cryptomator, SpiderOak Dec 2016

If you would like to sync your Zim wiki database between computers, but don't want to have the plain text version synced (e.g. because of Dropbox/GoogleDrive/OneDrive/Box privacy concerns), you can always save your Zim database file in an encrypted Vault using the excellent open source and cross-platform app Cryptomator.

Otherwise, you can sync using Spideroak, Tresorit, or pCloud's encrypted folder. All of these are end-to-end encrypted.

An additional benefit of using Cryptomator is that you can close Zim, lock the vault in Cryptomator and other users on the same computer won't be able to open or access your Zim database contents.

This solution should be included on the Zim FAQ page, which says that you can't have encryption. This is an easy and convenient solution.


Comparing Zim to WikidPad 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by romanunfamilied
about Zim and wikidPad Nov 2016

Speaking of more or less notable feature differences. So, Wikidpad has got anchors, and can also make insertions (you insert content of one page into other, and it updates dynamically when you make changes to the page you inserted content from).
Zim hasn't got this; anchors are planned, but the works for them haven't even started yet.

On the other hand, Zim doesn't have HTML and preview modes, you work in one unified mode; no distorting of downscaled images; somewhat easier and faster work as you don't have to write code.

My personal verdict: if you don't yet have your wikis\notes, then Zim will be easier and faster start. But if you use WikidPad for a long time already and have lots of experience with it - no sense in switching to Zim, as WikidPad has slighly more capabilities.


Awesome note taking app 2 Helpful

Positive Comment by lrq3000
about Zim Mar 2016

I have transferred all my notes onto this app, which took me some time, but it was worth the sweat. This app is amazing, the inline preview (displaying nice widgets instantly as you type markup) is really amazing to efficiently take formatted note without breaking your momentum. Also, the Table of Content plugin allows to quickly navigate inside a document, and this has proven invaluable to navigate inside my very long notes. The application is also very stable and relatively memory lightweight (2 processes ~ 30MB total) given it renders all kinds of widgets and support multi-documents.


This is the best solution of organizing stuff... 2 Helpful

Comment by chokiwon
about Zim Feb 2016

I've been using this for 3 years.

before that, I had used Evernote, Zotero just for making note and have some organized stuff for very long period time.

Since I have found Zim...

I had to move the whole material that I have noted, but It was definitely worth to do.

I'm using Linux mint~ which is perfect for using Zim.

I think there are still some disadvantage of applying Zim to Window OS in some extension.

But I highly recommend this tool, and altering OS to Linux. :)



Positive Comment by Cotangens
about Zim Feb 2016

Great program! Thank you.


If only... -1 Helpful

Comment by ratticalred
about Zim Jan 2016

It's actually a great software. If only the automatic linking would work for non-camel case keywords. You don't use camel case in normal text and it's stupid if you have to go through every existing page and search for keywords to link whenever you create a new page.
This flaw sadly makes it useless to me.



Comment by alsamuef
about Zim Sep 2013

GTK software, thanks but no thanks.



Positive Comment by SouzaRM
about Zim Mar 2013

Thank you!


It's fairly good, not all instructions are too clear at fir ...

Comment by Zenttii
about Zim Jun 2011

It's fairly good, not all instructions are too clear at first (ie it tells you conflicting information when creating a new notebook, it says you use the same folder, but doesn't tell you it overwrites all the notes in that folder!) has potential and I'm switching from Tomboy to give this a shot,but wont yet delete tomboy as it does simply work with no troubles. But I'm hoping zim will give me a slightly difference approach to note keeping


I tend to do the tags:taggoeshere trick and chase backlin ...

Comment by achadwick
about Zim Jun 2011

I tend to do the tags:taggoeshere trick and chase backlinks from the blank filler pages using Alt+B. Using a namespace means I can close the tags namespace and get it out of my face. It's not ideal - hashtagging and a tag cloud or list sorted by frequency would be nicer, plus a search box... idea for a plugin maybe?


Zim is pretty cool in that it creates a hierarchical list o ...

Comment by windfix
about Zim Jun 2011

Zim is pretty cool in that it creates a hierarchical list of your pages, however, it doesn't automagically update your page names when you change the links in a page. This is a pain. I am not sure if the hierarchy makes it worthwhile, will probably revert to Tomboy notes again.


i'm currently tryng out version 0.28 on Gentoo, looks and w ...

Comment by realaaa
about Zim Jun 2011

i'm currently tryng out version 0.28 on Gentoo, looks and works pretty OK, it's just what I need, but maybe it's way too easy :)

I'm also looking into and but so far I like Zim more