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No home button, no muti-row tabs, no to Opera

Negative Comment by carloslemans
about Opera Dec 2016

Opera is fast and consumes little battery in my tablet, but something I don't understand is why there is no home button?... why there is no multi-row tabs?... could be a very nice browser but something that should be obvious is not present.


the best

Positive Comment by ososuosos
about Opera Dec 2016

i thought chrome is the best browser until i used opera i was surprised about its speed and exclusive built-in extensions like video pop out (loved it so much ) , fast free vpn , ad blocker and the ability to install and use all chrome extensions . i advise people to give it a try and i'm sure you will uninstall chrome.


One of the best browsers! ^.^

Positive Comment by FanEcchyy
about Opera Oct 2016

A stable browser and VPN included completely free and unlimited!
In strongly recommend to anyone! ^.^


Opera is Undead: Long Live Vivaldi! 1 Helpful

Negative Comment by GTLC
about Opera and Vivaldi Browser Feb 2015

After using Presto Opera since version 8.5, I was horrified by the lobotomised version of Opera presented in v15. I agreed completely with the need for a change of engine but Opera's new direction threw out most of what made the Presto version a true classic and a joy to use. Two years later and it STILL feels like it barely compares to version 8 of Opera Classic, let alone version 12.

It's a freakish abomination that abandoned its core user-base, along with all the beloved community features and mail, in favour of some nebulous idea about "popularity". (something that seems not to have worked at all, based on these results: )

I've stuck with it in the desperate hope that some glimmer of the original spirit would return...and I'm happy to report that it finally has! BUT NOT IN OPERA.

Enter: Vivaldi! ( )

Created by the original CEO of Opera, Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, (who left the company shortly before the awful change in direction), Vivaldi simply is - in spirit - everything that Opera was, only modernised to use Blink (The feature-set will be what Opera was, but many are not yet present). The community is already back. Mail is on the way.Innovation is already present (I fully expect everyone else to start copying the Tab Colours soon, just like old times!) For me, this is the final shotgun blast to the head of the shambling zombie horror that was once an amazing browser; Opera remains Opera in name only, having long since lost its soul.

[Edited by GTLC, February 16]


Opera is Chrome

Negative Comment by fih10golts
about Opera and Google Chrome Jul 2014

Nowadays Opera is just another Google Chrome copy. And it has no bookmarks.


Why import for bookmarks is disabled?

Comment by Danilo_Venom
about Opera Feb 2014

I tried Opera for a couple of days and I have to say it's very fast, but I don't know why import for bookmarks is disabled.

When this problem will be fixed maybe I'll switch to it, but now it's a bit annoying :/


I love it

Positive Comment by OlaMohammad
about Opera and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome Feb 2014

One of mt favorite browsers alongside with Firefox (my most favorite one) and Google Chrome



Negative Comment by Klementh
about Opera Nov 2013

Officially Opera gets its main revenue from having Google as it's default search engine... but my theory is that Opera Software is getting paid to stay away from the browser race. How else can they completely ditch v12 for this generic excuse of a browser?


I consider Opera discontinued

Negative Comment by pillow86
about Opera and Google Chrome Aug 2013

Opera has turned into chrome-clone since ver15. Totally abandoned its previous browser engine. Removed everything for Opera to be unique and better than others. Since ver15 it is an unfinished chrome.


Try Opera

Positive Comment by nartboy
about Opera and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Maxthon Cloud Browser Feb 2013

For very slow computers (a.k.a my netbook), Opers was the best browser that work compared to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Maxthon.
It work fast and loaded quickly in even wi-fi with low signals.
I have heard of Opera before but never had the chance to try it out. Hearing that it is losing its appeal and the browser was better then than now, I would probably have to agree.
But whether the choice appears, try Opera out.


Looking For Alternative

Negative Comment by ATx
about Opera Dec 2012

Like most software Opera is losing its appealing. Not being able to use your favorite skin doesn't help either.

You still need to use Firefox for serious editing, but it was Opera's streamlined UI and performance what kept people from moving on to other browsers.

It is not clear where Opera is heading, so will continue searching for an alternative.


I kind of like the tab stacking.

Positive Comment by Rajliv
about Opera Jun 2011

I kind of like the tab stacking.
I use it for stacking non-website tabs, eg IRC chatrooms, RSS (I pin them too).

There's no need for 100s of tabs to fill the screen horizontally. On 1024x768 resolution, it's already messy with about 15 tabs. Not a problem for for most of the people who just check their facebook and stuff, but computer-savvy people have tons of tabs open I think.


Opera is getting a little feature-heavy...

Negative Comment by SawyerLatte
about Opera Jun 2011

I used to like Opera, but it's getting a little feature-heavy these days. Not that the speed is affected - it's faster than ever - but with most other browsers moving towards a cleaner feel, there's too much going on under the hood for me. It gets a little messy once you open the sidebar and have it fetching your email, etc.

I mean, one of the most recent features: tab stacks, is apparently aimed at those who have hundreds of tabs on the go. If that's the sort of users they're aiming at, I guess I'm not the target market.


I love Opera. Chrome is my second favorite.

Positive Comment by generalcinema
about Opera and Google Chrome Jun 2011

I love Opera.
There are some compatibility issues but it's still the best browser out there.
Chrome is my second favorite.