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Slow to start up but...

Comment by niklasbjrkr
about Vivaldi Browser May 2017

Still just as good as google chrome and opera


NOT vulnerable to Unicode phishing scam

Comment by garychike
about Vivaldi Browser Apr 2017

Vivaldi, although based on Chromium, is not vulnerable like Chrome is to the Unicode text phishing scam.



Positive Comment by jimvanrudy
about Vivaldi Browser Apr 2017

Do a side-by side speed test by opening the same webpage in two different browsers. Vivaldi wins.
Do you have a faster browser? What is it? I'll use it.
As far as 'privacy' and 'eula' etc... meh. Not like they are stealing your money. Learn how to be safe online. Or surf slower.


It is not Open Source -4 Helpful

Negative Comment by igenn
about Vivaldi Browser and Safari, Google Chrome Feb 2017

Whoever want to change the description to that again, please read [THIS]( (web_browser)) & the EULA (horrible!). It is the same as Chrome, based on open source code then added a bunch of cr@p but those are remain hidden, + you are not allowed to find out (=you will be sued if you try to) what are they.

These kind of browsers won't become popular because of this (Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc). ""Thank god!""
- Tracking options
- Modified search results (?more money higher relevance? = called Adware?)
- and who knows what else

I can suggest only 2 really good browsers (mozilla side <-> chromium side), try them before you make the biggest mistake in your life with vivaldi or chrome:


Mouse Gestures! 2 Helpful

Positive Comment by MiauFrito
about Vivaldi Browser and Maxthon Cloud Browser Dec 2016

Tons of interesting and innovative features, including one that I can't live without ever since I tried Maxthon - mouse gestures

[Edited by MiauFrito, December 17]


aun faltan cosa spero va genial!

Positive Comment by jaivark
about Vivaldi Browser Nov 2016

espero que pronto salga la version para android y la sincronizacion en la nube!


Great Browser 2 Helpful

Positive Comment by s0me0ne
about Vivaldi Browser Nov 2016

Great browser with lots of features. It's made by the developer of Opera and they are bring back all the cutting edge features Opera had before going to the Chromium engine, and adding new ones.


Tech Preview 1 Helpful

Comment by Jay_K_Slider
about Vivaldi Browser Apr 2015

I hope everyone commenting on this realizes Vivaldi is only in a tech preview state and nowhere near finished.


Welcome Vivaldi

Comment by RoseMerlin
about Vivaldi Browser Apr 2015

But, it means additional browser to test...


Googled Under The Hood!

Negative Comment by redschuart
about Vivaldi Browser Apr 2015

Tried Vivaldi, I used to love Opera. Then saw all the Google connections it has enabled by default. Might as well be using Chrome!
Just use Firefox


Highly recommended 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by DamianN
about Vivaldi Browser Apr 2015

Great alternative to those who loved and continue to like Opera (what it used to be like before turning into a psedu-Chrome). Very fast, efficient and excellent UI


Another Chromaldi 2 Helpful

Comment by Azazel
about Vivaldi Browser and Mozilla Firefox Feb 2015

Guys & gals, there's no need for any Vivaldis, just go with FIrefox. Faster than ever it is now, customizable and open source. What the heck else do one need from a web browser?
Anyway, I'll be satisfied if this project pulls some of ChrOpera's blanket.


An amazing surprise and a most welcome return! 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by GTLC
about Vivaldi Browser Feb 2015

Opera is dead (and has been since the tragic version 15), Long Live Vivaldi!


So GoOOOD ! Bye bye Opéra and welcome Vivaldi 1 Helpful

Positive Comment by stanwakeru
about Vivaldi Browser Jan 2015

I can not wait to wait for the updates of the new browser vivaldi ! The interface is really flat and aesthetic design. Opera browser is dead, and much more! Because it is a pale copy of google chrome.
Vivaldi will be more responsive to users and strongly extensions.
I also view it was based on the Blink motor ( webkit ) and other technology such as Atom and NodeJS : D
I will follow developments closely (hence from a French dev) .