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Apimac Notepad

Notepad for Mac let’s you organize any piece of text you may want to have at hand everyday.

  • Mac OS X

Notepad for Mac let’s you organize any piece of text you may want to have at hand everyday. Designed from the ground up to support the latest Apple technologies, Notepad allows you to save, copy, paste and organize all your favorite snippets with ease. You can drag the text from other applications, drop a text file from Finder or, of course, write it yourself. Notepad is the “missing notepad application” you’ve been waiting for.

Notepad is a great tool to boost your productivity and creative output by not letting those great thoughts and ideas just slip away. A handy Recents List in the Open Window keeps track of your latest edited notes. Notes can be edited at will and text can be customized with a choice of fonts, styles and colors. If you need a hard copy, go to the “Print” function in the menu. More Info »

Notepad gives you two search options:
• Easy Search: Matches any text you enter in the search field, even if it’s not an exact match. For example, “nice girl” will match “Mary is a nice girl” and “Bernice is a little girl.”
• Regular Expression: An advanced search method based on patterns. For example, “nice|girl” will match either “nice try” and “pretty girl.” More information on this topic can be found on many websites such as the dedicated page of Wikipedia. More Info »



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