Alternatives to PSPad for all platforms with any license

  • Eclipse icon


    Eclipse is an extensible development platform with runtimes and application frameworks for building, deploying and managing software across the entire software lifecycle. Many people know Eclipse as a Java IDE, but it is much more...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD

  • gedit icon


    Official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment. Has syntax highlighting and is suitable for programming, with support for several languages. It is extensible with plugins. Currently it features: * Full support for...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD OpenSolaris

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  • Brackets icon


    Brackets is an open-source editor for web design and development built on top of web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The project was created and is maintained by Adobe, and is released under an MIT License.

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Electron / Atom Shell

  • Geany icon


    Geany is a small and lightweight Integrated Development Environment. It was developed to provide a small and fast IDE, which has only a few dependencies from other packages. Another goal was to be as independent as possible from a...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD Xfce

  • GNU Emacs icon

    GNU Emacs

    GNU Emacs is an extensible, customizable text editor—and more. At its core is an interpreter for Emacs Lisp, a dialect of the Lisp programming language with extensions to support text editing. The features of GNU Emacs include: ...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD

  • GNU nano icon

    GNU nano

    GNU nano is a small and friendly text editor. Besides basic text editing, nano offers many extra features like an interactive search and replace, go to line and column number, auto-indentation, feature toggles, internationalization...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD Haiku

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  • Aptana Studio icon

    Aptana Studio

    Aptana Studio is a complete web development environment that combines powerful authoring tools with a collection of online hosting and collaboration services that help you and your team do more. Includes support for PHP, CSS, FTP, and...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

    • Discontinued Aptana is still in development on GitHub but latest version, 3.6.1, was released in October 2014. It lacks Java 8/9 features, as well as newer Javascript and HTML 5 features.
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  • Komodo Edit icon

    Komodo Edit

    Komodo Edit is a fast, smart, free and open-source code editor. Switching your trusty code editor is hard, but give Komodo Edit (or its big brother Komodo IDE) a try: it'll be worth your while. Windows, Mac, Linux? Yes. PHP...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD

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  • Notepad2 icon


    Notepad2 is a fast and light-weight Notepad-like text editor with syntax highlighting. Simple as possible, but yet powerful. Has full Unicode support. Can be run out of the box without installation, and does not touch your...

    Open Source Windows

    • Discontinued The program is no longer updated. Last version, 4.2.25, released on October 28, 2012, can be still downloaded from the official website.
  • SciTE icon


    SciTE is a SCIntilla based Text Editor. Originally built to demonstrate Scintilla, it has grown to be a generally useful editor with facilities for building and running programs. It is best used for jobs with simple configurations - I...

    Open Source Windows Linux BSD Xfce

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  • Bluefish Editor icon

    Bluefish Editor

    Bluefish is a powerful editor targeted towards programmers and webdesigners, with many options to write websites, scripts and programming code. Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages, and it focuses on editing dynamic...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

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  • TextWrangler icon


    TextWrangler is the powerful general purpose text editor, and Unix and server administrator’s tool. At its most basic, a text editor is a tool for simply editing text. You can use a text editor for a wide variety of tasks from...

    Free Mac

  • UltraEdit icon


    UltraEdit is the ideal text, HTML and HEX editor, and an advanced PHP, Perl, Java and JavaScript editor for programmers. An industry-award winner, UltraEdit supports disk-based 64-bit file handling (standard) on 32-bit Windows...

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux

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  • Qt Creator icon

    Qt Creator

    Qt Creator is a cross-platform C++, JavaScript and QML integrated development environment which is part of the SDK for the Qt Framework. It includes a visual debugger and an integrated GUI layout...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD

  • AkelPad icon


    A simple notepad-like text editor with many features. It is designed to be a small and fast. User interface in 20 languages. Features * Single window (SDI), multi-window (MDI) and pseudo multi-window modes (PMDI); *...

    Open Source Windows

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  • jEdit icon


    jEdit is a mature programmer's text editor with hundreds (counting the time developing plugins) of person-years of development behind it. While jEdit beats many expensive development tools for features and ease of use, it is...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

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  • ReText icon


    ReText is a simple text editor for Markdown and reStructuredText documents with syntax highlighting and optional live preview. It is written in Python using Qt libraries, able to run on any platforms (Linux and BSD are officially...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD

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  • NINJA-IDE icon


    NINJA-IDE (from the recursive acronym: "Ninja-IDE Is Not Just Another IDE"), is a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE). NINJA-IDE runs on Linux/X11, Mac OS X and Windows desktop operating systems, and...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux

  • EditPad Lite icon

    EditPad Lite

    EditPad Lite is a general-purpose text editor, designed to be small & compact, yet offer all the functionality you expect from a basic text editor. It is a step up from Notepad, offering cleaner handling of large files, support...

    Free Personal Windows

  • SynWrite icon


    SynWrite is a free source code editor and notepad replacement for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. SynWrite features: syntax highlighting for lots of languages; fully customizable highlighting; code folding; tree structure view...

    Open Source Windows Total Commander

  • wxMEdit icon


    wxMEdit is a cross-platform text and hex editor, derived from MadEdit . It adds automatic updates, bookmarks, selecting lines with a tripple click, a FreeBASIC syntax file, more supported encodings (L1, CP850, CP437 etc, KOI8...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux BSD

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  • Notepadqq icon


    Notepadqq is a linux clone (identical application) of Notepad++

    Open Source Linux

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  • slap icon


    slap is a Sublime-like terminal-based text editor that strives to make editing from the terminal easier. It has: * first-class mouse support * GUI editor-like keybindings * copying/pasting with OS clipboard support * undo/redo ...

    Open Source Mac Windows Linux Node.JS

PSPad Comments

Cannot confirm ad- or malware

Positive Comment by ruedigerzwarg
about PSPad Jan 2016

I cannot confirm ad- or malware. Could this be due to downloads from other than the original Website? Anyone who bundles unwanted software while posting the text below, would discredit himself and go off on a tangent forever. This is what it says on

I hereby declare, that PSPad installer, downloaded from PSPad page, doesn't contains any bundled software or malware. PSPad installer and PSPad.exe itself is digitaly signed with code signing certificate, issued by Comodo certification authority.

PS: If offered (as here with pspad) I always use portable software versions


free + adware

Negative Comment by cCKk
about PSPad Jun 2015

Everything posted about PSPad is correct.

Awesome editor, compare with npp.

Free? Invasive adware could cost $$ to remove.

Maybe cheaper to purchase another product.


No code folding, for me that is a no go :-(

Negative Comment by AntonioBakula
about PSPad Jul 2014

I was searching for editor that supports bookmarks like Delphi IDE (or VS with DPack ext), only PSPad have this feature, but lack of code folding is show stopper for me. For example I am debugging parsing big XML file into object models, and using PSPad to examine that XML, without folding it's one big mess :(

[Edited by AntonioBakula, July 03]


PSPad has become scamware, you've been warned

Negative Comment by Itoopeekaboo
about PSPad Apr 2013

I love PSPad. Have used it for years.

Imagine my huge disappointment when I discovered that the latest setup file installed all sorts of undesirable crap in my system. It is no excuse that you can theoretically find a way to decipher the installer to avoid this. The truth is that entire thing is sadly, sadly, oh so sadly conceived to be deceitful.

You've been warned.


New versions

Comment by DanMan
about PSPad Sep 2011

Oh, and if you're looking for the latest version check out the forum:


Suits me the most

Positive Comment by DanMan
about PSPad and Notepad++ Sep 2011

I've tried a lot of editors myself, and I keep coming back to PSPad. I especially don't understand why so many people like Notepad++.


But for me PSPad is the best editor for the moment

Positive Comment by Nortiset
about PSPad and Notepad++, Geany Jun 2011

Personally, I've been using PSPad for 4 years (primary for HTML+CSS) - it's far from perfect, but I couldn't find a 100% replacement for for it.

I've tried over 20 editors - but I'm still using PSPad.
I don't know why there're so many fans of NP++ cause there're lots of better alternatives (imho). Yeah, it's a bit faster, smoother, has better charset-support and code-folding - well that's the only advantages I found for myself.
The better alternatives were:
- RJ TextEditor (it's very functional as-is, without any extensions, though it's a bit "messy")
- Webuilder (another very powerful editor, but it's paid and doesn't have some functions which PSPad has, i.e. Comparision Tool )
- Scriptly (not bad at all, though it's less functional than the editors above and it has only the small german-speaking community, so it's kinda difficult to find any answers)
- Geany (it's more basic, but it's very fast and smooth)
(unfortunately, all of them don't support Zen-Coding which PSPad and NP++ does).

The other editors I've tried (Vim, CoffeeCup, HateML, TopStyle, EmEditor, Komodo Edit, BlueFish, HTML-Kit, Emacs, jEdit, UltraEdit and some others) were worse yet for my demands comparing to PSPad.

After all, the features I miss most in PSPad are:
- advanced color chooser (WB, RJTE)
- advanced preview (RJTE, WeBuilder)
- advanced charset support (NP++, WB)
- clickable links (Geany, RJ TE)
- code folding (NP++, Geany, RJTE)

But for me PSPad is the best editor for the moment.


Just been having a go with PSPad - better than Notepad++

Positive Comment by samdutton
about PSPad and Notepad++ Jun 2011

Just been having a go with PSPad -- it's good!

Overall, better than Notepad++ and, in some ways better than -- my favourite HTML/JS/CSS editor -- HomeSite.

- quick to start, responsive, and a small footprint
- seems stable
- simple, clean interface -- very like HomeSite
- powerful and useful editing features
- plain text ini file
- quite easy to customise

- no multiline search (only HomeSite has this)
- only IE browser integration
- some parts of the interface are a bit cluttered or clunky
- not sure, but I think it's written with Borland Delphi -- shame, in this day and age, it wasn't done cross-platform with (say) Qt

[Edited by em4020, July 25]


I moved to PSPad from Notepad++, PSPad is a great, great app

Positive Comment by Mickets
about PSPad and Notepad++ Jun 2011

I moved to PSPad from Notepad++, after the latter showed a problem of remaining in memory after closed (which wasn't solved in a newer version or by re-installing, or by installing on another computer). Notepad++ probably no longer has this problems, but I'm with PSPad now. Great, great app.