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Notepad2 has been forked and there are several versions that add additional functionality. Additionally, there is a Notepad3 version which is quite better, and a Notepad4 as well. Use your Google dirty fingers and find some of these alternates and be glad that you did.


I'm happy

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I use Notepad2 since ~10 years ago. Florian hasn't updated it recently, I'm on 4.2.25 now, on a Win 7 laptop.
Installs easily and automatically replaces M$'s useless notepad. Lots of nice functionality like block copy & paste, sorting (ascending / descending, text / numeric, merge duplicates / remove duplicates / remove unique lines), prefix / suffix lines, et cetera. Cheers to you Florian!
Surely possible to find similar functionality in other software, but with the ones I tested at the time this was the outstanding candidate and I haven't had any reason to look for an alternative.


Good soft

Comment by jpjpjjp
about Notepad2 · Sep 2015 ·

A Lightweight soft,the best choice to Instead of the windows notepad

This soft is not suitable for those programmers or other coders.

If you need more powerful,then you could select notepad++

Anyway,its also a good good software


Opens 1.4G file and searches through it quickly.

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I tried four text editors (AkelPad, TextPad, LTFViewer and Notepad2), each of which claimed to support large text files. Two of them couldn't open my file at all. Of the two that could open it, one was so slow at searching for text strings that I found the entire application unusable (because searching through this 1.4G file is a crucial requirement for me)

NotePad2 was the only one could open my 1.4G file and search through it quickly. I love it!

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I love the indenting

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It is easy to make bulleted lists that wrap properly while keeping the file in plain text mode.

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Comment by TBayAreaPat
about Notepad2 · Jan 2012 ·

It's great that the program has an alphabetizing/sort option. I only wish it could be found without needing to consult the web.


Loads very fast as the original, but its more powerful!Very ...

Comment by 365
about Notepad2 · Jun 2011 ·

Loads very fast as the original, but its more powerful!
Very nice one!

Cant forget it! ?


Incredibly small & fast, easily configurable with tons of o ...

Comment by rocketmonkeys
about Notepad2 · Jun 2011 ·

Incredibly small & fast, easily configurable with tons of options. Very easy to make a drop-in replacement for notepad with a ton more functionality, but still really simple. I like it.