This application has been discontinued
On June 27, 2014, Apple announced that they would cease development of Aperture and work on a transition to their new Photos app.
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Aperture is a photo editing and management computer program developed by Apple Inc.

  • Mac OS X
    Requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

Aperture is a photo editing and management computer program developed by Apple Inc. for the OS X operating system.


Complete raw image format support from import to export (for supported cameras).
Supports tethered shooting from Nikon and Canon DSLRs.
Master image files (raw or otherwise) may be kept in place on import or migrated into the Aperture library.
Raw Fine Tuning, allowing versions of raw decode to be managed over time and conversion parameters adjusted.
Many image adjustment tools including specific color retouching, a luminance based edge sharpener, and spot repair.
Lens correction tools, such as chromatic aberration.
Project management, with extensive metadata and searching support.
Autostacking, a way to group photos based on the time between shutter clicks.
Stacks (for grouping photos) and Versions (for making multiple working copies of the same image).
Multiple display spanning.
Loupe, allowing viewing of images at zooms from 50% to 1600%.
Light Table, a type of freeform workspace.
Native support of the Adobe Photoshop PSD, PNG, JPEG and TIFF formats.
Non-destructive image editing.
Customizable printing and publishing.
Supports importing from USB and FireWire memory card readers or directly from a camera connected via USB.
Ability to simultaneously zoom and pan multiple images.
Read and write support for IPTC image metadata.
Heavily customizable book creation.
Web gallery and blog creation, uploadable via FTP or Webdav.
Full-featured full-screen mode, for editing and sorting images. More Info »

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