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Wanna be the best but real oldschool

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I liked AcdSee 15 years ago: for that times it was amazing quality of software. But years passing, new version of AcdSee are coming - but everything remains the same. Same codebase, same UI (that looking dirty and not ordered in 2016). They even trying to beat Lightroom and pretending to be professional level - but it's just peace of crap with 20-years codebase. Slow, not intuitive, not nice, sometimes buggy.

AcdSee, please change your codebase from the scratch. Stop riding on the dead horse! :)


Recovering Lost Images

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If you lose a drive full of pictures, there are apps to recover them.
After that, you need to sort out the junk and put the rest in some sort of order...
Enter ACDSee and the alternatives.

Sort by dimensions to eliminate thumbnails and icons.
Sort by date to get (hopefully) some semblance of order.

Yes there are some unused features, bloating the newer versions, but it's still a useful app.


listed under Mac OS X but no OSX version

Comment by thelipthelip
about ACDSee · Sep 2014 ·

This is listed under OSX but no Mac version available.

ACDSee Mac Pro 3 is the OSx version of ACDSee. I have set its link in Download links :)


ACDSee is the best image manager, and I've tried them all

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I used this site to try all the alternatives to ACDSee, and none of them come close in terms of actual image management features, such as tagging and classifying images. (Picasa's great if you're primarily sharing your images online, but that's not for me.)

The interface is sleek and simple. There's minimal image editing features, which is fine since I'd use another program for that like Photoshop. This program is almost strictly for image management and viewing. So if that's what you're looking for, give this one a try.

It's not slow or bloated. I have no idea what the other commenters are talking about. Maybe they're using 15-year-old computers running Windows 95. If that's your situation as well, try IrfanView. It even looks like it was made 15 years ago.


ACDsee 2.41 was good but...

Comment by komakaze
about ACDSee · Apr 2013 · 1 Helpful

ACDsee 2.41 was a fast, smooth & elegant image viewer that supported most image formats.
Since then it became bloated and slower due to unwanted features.

All I want is a fast elegant full-screen image viewer that I can flip through easily with a few key presses. Fast loading, Fast viewing, no-image distortion when reducing large images, low memory use.

Newer versions of ACDsee are bloated monsters compared to what it once was. IrfanView doesn't cut it either as it's ugly, slow and not user friendly at all.

ACDSee certainly has gotten more and more bloated over the years, although I still find it difficult to beat when it comes to a viewer with the alternatives out there - free or not - but, I thought I would mention that version 3.X was not bloated in any way - it seemed to do so after 3.1 or 3.2. So using ACDSee 3.X is the very best option for myself, although I did really like 2.43 as well.



Comment by DnnsHH
about ACDSee · Oct 2011 ·

ACDSee used to be the best image viewer but got the featuritis virus. It lost all of its slickness.