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Imagine instead of making 1 Heroku app in 1 place, you make 18+ all over the world for the same price. Truthfully, the idea is you use those 18+ mini JS servers to cache your multiple Heroku/whatever sites worldwide, and under one domain.

Fly.io lets you program your own CDN, which will then be deployed to 18+ servers on all but 2 continents*. What does that look like? Basically one or more Javascript files with special global objects for setting and getting things to cache, which is basically a key/value store under the hood, with an extra expiration date property.

Cache your JS files there, HTML, images, OR route requests to domain.com/blog to data from company.wordpress.org--yes, you can make your usual blog.domain.com live at domain.com/blog seamlessly. This is good for SEO and makes your site seem cool. Not as cool as an AOL keyword, but still better than subdomains.

Also, it's the latest Javascript APIs. It seems beyond Node v10, so it's like Node dialled up to 11. But for reasons I can't explain to Spinal Tap fans, it's more like Node dialled up to 12. Plus Heroku-like env variables and things. From there, the sky is the limit. Import stuff from NPM and also test locally or in CI.

My only complaint: while Javascript is fun, there is a much easier way to do it on the very same site! Fly.io has a "Sites" feature that lets you do most of the stuff you'd want to do in Javascript, but in a menu/GUI. The Javascript stuff is insufficiently documented, the support is insufficiently supportive and the easier-to-do GUI stuff is likely to be discontinued. The staff seems small, and even though it's open source, issues can linger and communication intermittent.

I with them the best.

  • No servers in South America or Africa yet(!)